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Extensions for merge request !334

Hugh Daschbach requested to merge bottom-sheet-refinement into develop

Suggested changes to the NowPlayingBottomSheet improvments introduced in merge request !334 (merged). There are five commits addressing two bugs and two UI improvements:

  • c86f81b4 Do not create unnecessary Picasso objects.
  • 9cd8826e Refactor CoverArt.withContext().
  • ab3205c0 Prevent BottomSheet tap leaking to nav panels.
  • eaf3c550 Increase player controls touchpoint size.
  • b2490c61 Fix landscape view induced MainActivity leak.

The first two (c86f81b4 and 9cd8826e) fix the "Too many resources" crash.

The next two (ab3205c0 and eaf3c550) address minor UX issues.

The last (b2490c61) fixes a memory leak that crashes the app after ten or so orientation changes when landscape mode is enabled. Testing with landscape enabled uncovers issues not seen with the previous version of !310 (closed), described below, so it is left disabled.

While the last fix stabilizes the app when landscape mode is enabled, this is left disabled at present.

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