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Merge branch 'release/0.19.0'

parents 29739e2c dfef5e38
Now honor maxBitrate parameter in Subsonic API (#802)
Reduced app size for regular users by moving admin-related code in a dedicated chunk (#805)
Use proper site name/domain in emails (#806)
Advertise the list of supported upload extensions in the Nodeinfo endpoint (#808)
Added admin options to disable login for users, ensure related content is deleted when deleting a user account (#809)
Ensure correct track duration and playable status when browsing radios (#812)
Bumped dependencies to latest versions (#815)
Fixed invalid required fields in Upload django's admin (#819)
Width of filter menus for radios has been set to stop text from overlapping the borders
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Fixed invalid OEmbed URL when using a local FUNKWHALE_SPA_HTML_ROOT (#824)
Added env variable to set AWS region and signature version to serve media without proxy (#826)
Fixed an encoding issue with instance name on about page (#828)
Better handling of follow/accept messages to avoid and recover from desync between instances (#830)
The buttons displaying an icon now always show a little divider between the icon and the text. (!620)
Use network/depends_on instead of links in docker-compose.yml (!716)
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Keep persistent connections to the database instead of recreating a new one for each request
Enhanced the design of the embed wizard. (!619)
Add required envvar for dev environment (!668)
Fixed dev command for fake data creation (!664)
Ensure the footer always stays at the bottom of the page
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