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Merge branch 'release/0.19.0'

parents 29739e2c dfef5e38
Fixed non-transparent background for volume range on Firefox (#722)
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Merged artist/album buttons with title text on artist and album pages (#725)
Do not consider tracks as duplicates during import if they have different positions (#740)
Support embedding full artist discographies (#747)
Labels for privacy levels are now consistently grabbed from a common source instead of being hardcoded everytime they are needed.
Support OAuth2 authorization for better integration with third-party apps (#752)
Add missing command from contributing file (#754)
Ensure all our ActivityPub fetches are authenticated (#758)
Descriptions will now be shown underneath user libraries (#768)
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Document how to use Redis over unix sockets (#770)
Prevent skipping on file import if album_mbid is different (#772)
Don't store unhandled ActivityPub messages in database (#776)
Added a prune_library management command to remove obsolete metadata from the database (#777)
Added a `check_inplace_files` management command to remove purge the database from references to in-place imported files that don't exist on disk anymore (#781)
Better handling of featuring/multi-artist tracks tagged with MusicBrainz (#782)
Display a confirmation dialog when adding duplicate songs to a playlist (#784)
Fixed overflowing input on account detail page (#791)
Fixed cover not showing in queue/player when playing tracks from "albums" tab (#795)
Allow users with dots in their usernames to request a subsonic password (#798)
Removed broken/instable lyrics feature (#799)
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