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Resolve "EMAIL_CONFIG not documented"

fixes #1481
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......@@ -3298,12 +3298,12 @@ Email sending is disabled by default, as it requires additional configuration.
In this mode, emails are simply outputed on stdout.
If you want to actually send those emails to your users, you should edit your
.env file and tweak the EMAIL_CONFIG variable. See :ref:`setting-EMAIL_CONFIG`
.env file and tweak the ``EMAIL_CONFIG`` variable. See :data:`EMAIL_CONFIG <config.settings.common.EMAIL_CONFIG>`
for more details.
.. note::
As a result of these changes, the DJANGO_EMAIL_BACKEND variable,
As a result of these changes, the ``DJANGO_EMAIL_BACKEND`` variable,
which was not documented, has no effect anymore. You can safely remove it from
your .env file if it is set.
This diff is collapsed.
Added email configuration to the documentation (#1481)
......@@ -163,6 +163,15 @@ Subsonic
.. autodata:: config.settings.common.SUBSONIC_DEFAULT_TRANSCODING_FORMAT
Email configuration
.. autodata:: config.settings.common.EMAIL_CONFIG
:annotation: = consolemail://
.. autodata:: config.settings.common.DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL
:annotation: = Funkwhale <noreply@yourdomain>
.. autodata:: config.settings.common.EMAIL_SUBJECT_PREFIX
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