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Model / settings for allow-listing

Agate requested to merge 853-allow-listing-settings into develop

(See #853 (closed) for context)

This MR adds:

  • Two dedicated admin settings to control if:
    • Allow-listing is enabled
    • The list of domains on the allow-list is public or not
  • A new allowed field in the Domain table, to control wether or not the domain is on the allow-list. We default to Null so mods of pods switching to allow-listing can quickly find out the list of domains they need to check , and batch allow/disallow those
  • Display of the allowed value for each domain in Django's admin
  • The corresponding allowed field for Domain resources in the API
  • Support for updating this field when you're a moderator

I know it may seem a lot, but the MR is actually quite small, and each commit match precisely one of the items listed above. I recommend reading the changes commit-by-commit ;)

Let me know if you have any question!

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