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Fix docker development set-up (#2102)

Marcos Peña requested to merge 2102-fix-development-docker-setup into develop

Closes #2102 (closed)

I'll explain the fixes since it affects multiple files:

  • api/Dockerfile: py3-cryptography-38.0.3-r0 breaks world[py3-cryptography=38.0.3-r0], so I've simply updated it to r1.
  • api/Dockerfile: dev-requirements.txt dependencies were not loaded because of an invisible leading character in ln 74-80 (I almost went nuts with this one). So libraries for dev weren't loaded (/bin/sh:   grep: not found), hence the modules not found exceptions for factory and debug_toolbar.
  • docker/nginx/ restored location /statifiles block. Otherwise static files wont' load in admin pages
  • Finally api/funkwhale_api/music/ since the tracks created weren't playable they weren't displayed. create_data method it's not called anywhere in the codebase. Apparently it's only used when setting up local data.

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