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chore(deps): update dependency black to v23.9.1

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black (changelog) dev minor 23.7.0 -> 23.9.1

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psf/black (black)


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Due to various issues, the previous release (23.9.0) did not include compiled mypyc wheels, which make Black significantly faster. These issues have now been fixed, and this release should come with compiled wheels once again.

There will be no wheels for Python 3.12 due to a bug in mypyc. We will provide 3.12 wheels in a future release as soon as the mypyc bug is fixed.

  • Store raw tuples instead of NamedTuples in Black's cache, improving performance and decreasing the size of the cache (#​3877)


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  • More concise formatting for dummy implementations (#​3796)
  • In stub files, add a blank line between a statement with a body (e.g an if sys.version_info > (3, x):) and a function definition on the same level (#​3862)
  • Fix a bug whereby spaces were removed from walrus operators within subscript(#​3823)
  • Black now applies exclusion and ignore logic before resolving symlinks (#​3846)
  • Avoid importing IPython if notebook cells do not contain magics (#​3782)
  • Improve caching by comparing file hashes as fallback for mtime and size (#​3821)
  • Fix an issue in blackd with single character input (#​3558)
  • Black now has an official pre-commit mirror. Swapping to in your .pre-commit-config.yaml will make Black about 2x faster (#​3828)
  • The .black.env folder specified by ENV_PATH will now be removed on the completion of the GitHub Action (#​3759)


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