Verified Commit e67faee3 authored by Ciarán Ainsworth's avatar Ciarán Ainsworth Committed by Georg Krause
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Resolve "Fix loaders in dark theme"

parent c43cd2f8
Fixed minor graphical bug where loaders would appear white in dark theme (#1442)
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ $bottom-player-height: 4rem;
@import "./components/_track_table.scss";
@import "./components/_user_link.scss";
@import "./components/_volume_control.scss";
@import "./components/_loaders.scss";
@import "./pages/_about.scss";
@import "./pages/_admin_account_detail.scss";
.ui.dimmer {
background-color: var(--dimmer-background);
.ui.loading.form:before {
background-color: var(--dimmer-background);
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