Commit 9af8a68b authored by Agate's avatar Agate 💬

Merge branch '464-restart-current-song' into 'develop'

Resolve "Clicking on Play Next or add to queue restarts current song"

Closes #464

See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!400
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Do not restart current song when rordering queue, deleting tracks from queue or
adding tracks to queue (#464)
......@@ -317,8 +317,8 @@ export default {
watch: {
currentTrack (newValue) {
if (!this.isShuffling) {
currentTrack (newValue, oldValue) {
if (!this.isShuffling && newValue != oldValue) {
this.audioKey = String(new Date())
if (!newValue || !newValue.album.cover) {
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
<div class="extra content">
<human-date class="left floated" :date="album.creation_date"></human-date>
<play-button class="right floated basic icon" :dropdown-only="true" :dropdown-icon-classes="['ellipsis', 'horizontal', 'large', 'grey']" :album=""></play-button>
<play-button class="right floated basic icon" :dropdown-only="true" :is-playable="album.is_playable" :dropdown-icon-classes="['ellipsis', 'horizontal', 'large', 'grey']" :album=""></play-button>
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