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Version bump and changelog for 0.21

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Brand new navigation, queue and player redesign (#594)
Set correct size for album covers in playlist cards (#680)
Order the playlist columns by modification date in the Browse tab (#775)
Added ability to reject library follows from notifications screen (#859)
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Use same markdown widget for all content fields (rules, description, reports, notes, etc.)
Can now browse a library content through the UI (#926)
Replaced PDF icon by List icon in playlist placeholder (#943)
Fixed issue with recent results not being loaded from the API (#948)
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Removed unnecessary "Federation music needs approval" setting (#959)
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Fixed issue with sorting by album name not working (#960)
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Added missing manuallyApprovesFollowers entry in JSON-LD contexts (#961)
More robust importer against malformed dates (#966)
Fixed short audio glitch when switching switching to another track with player paused (#970)
Support filtering playlist by name and several additional UX improvements in playlists modal (#974)
Removed "nodeinfo disabled" setting, as nodeinfo is required for the UI to work (#982)
Fixed invalid displayed number of tracks in playlist (#986)
Added periodic background task and CLI command to associate genre tags to artists and albums based on identical tags found on corresponding tracks (#988)
Replaced our slow research logic by PostgreSQL full-text search (#994)
Added support for CELERYD_CONCURRENCY env var to control the number of worker processes (#997)
Reduced size of funkwhale/funkwhale docker images thanks to multi-stage builds (!1042)
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