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See #206: updated documentation

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......@@ -27,15 +27,24 @@ Those settings are stored in database and do not require a restart of your
instance after modification. They typically relate to higher level configuration,
such your instance description, signup policy and so on.
There is no polished interface for those settings, yet, but you can view update
them using the administration interface provided by Django (the framework funkwhale is built on).
The URL should be ``/api/admin/dynamic_preferences/globalpreferencemodel/`` (prepend your domain in front of it, of course).
You can edit those settings directly from the web application, assuming
you have the required permissions. The URL is ``/manage/settings``, and
you will also find a link to this page in the sidebar.
If you plan to use acoustid and external imports
(e.g. with the youtube backends), you should edit the corresponding
settings in this interface.
.. note::
If you have any issue with the web application, a management interface is also
available for those settings from Django's administration interface. It's
less user friendly, though, and we recommend you use the web app interface
whenever possible.
The URL should be ``/api/admin/dynamic_preferences/globalpreferencemodel/`` (prepend your domain in front of it, of course).
Configuration reference
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