Commit ea8b08ec authored by Agate's avatar Agate 💬
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Merge branch '1161-save-empty' into 'master'

Resolve "Gunicorn django.request ERROR to settings/bulk/"

See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!1147
parents 2999437b e12f44d0
......@@ -320,7 +320,9 @@ class AttachmentSerializer(serializers.Serializer):
class ContentSerializer(serializers.Serializer):
text = serializers.CharField(max_length=models.CONTENT_TEXT_MAX_LENGTH)
text = serializers.CharField(
max_length=models.CONTENT_TEXT_MAX_LENGTH, allow_null=True
content_type = serializers.ChoiceField(choices=models.CONTENT_TEXT_SUPPORTED_TYPES,)
html = serializers.SerializerMethodField()
Fixed crash with null help text in admin (#1161)
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