Commit 76aa8610 authored by heyarne's avatar heyarne Committed by Georg Krause
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Add track or album cover to track detail page

parent 31413fe6
......@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@
<div class="ui stackable grid row container">
<div class="six wide column">
<template v-if="upload">
<img alt="Cover Image" class="ui fluid image track-cover-image" v-if="track.cover && track.cover.urls.large_square_crop" v-lazy="$store.getters['instance/absoluteUrl'](track.cover.urls.large_square_crop)">
<img alt="Cover Image" class="ui fluid image track-cover-image" v-else-if="track.album.cover && track.album.cover.urls.large_square_crop" v-lazy="$store.getters['instance/absoluteUrl'](track.album.cover.urls.large_square_crop)">
<h3 class="ui header">
<translate key="1" v-if="track.artist.content_category === 'music'" translate-context="Content/*/*">Track Details</translate>
<translate key="2" v-else translate-context="Content/*/*">Episode Details</translate>
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