Verified Commit 4f98e5ae authored by Eliot Berriot's avatar Eliot Berriot
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Fix too wide padding on small screens

parent bfe471d5
......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@
<div class="ui section hidden divider"></div>
<div class="ui grid">
<div class="ui row">
<div class="ui stackable one column grid">
<div class="column">
<album-widget :filters="{playable: true, ordering: '-creation_date'}">
<template slot="title"><translate>Recently added</translate></template>
......@@ -143,9 +143,12 @@ body {
#footer {
padding: 2em;
padding: 1em;
@include media(">tablet") {
padding: 4em;
padding: 2em;
@include media(">desktop") {
padding: 3em;
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