Commit 461c55e0 authored by Georg Krause's avatar Georg Krause
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Merge branch 'fix_getuser_serializer' into 'develop'

change struct to reflect subsonic api specs

See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!1282
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......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ def get_user_detail_data(user):
"playlistRole": "true",
"streamRole": "true",
"jukeboxRole": "true",
"folder": [{"value": f["id"]} for f in get_folders(user)],
"folder": [f["id"] for f in get_folders(user)],
......@@ -810,8 +810,7 @@ def test_get_user(f, db, logged_in_api_client, factories):
"coverArtRole": "false",
"shareRole": "false",
"folder": [
{"value": f["id"]}
for f in serializers.get_folders(logged_in_api_client.user)
f["id"] for f in serializers.get_folders(logged_in_api_client.user)
content="Fixed a small discrepancy to the subsonic api"
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