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Added a merge request template and more documentation about the changelog

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Related issue: #XXX <!-- it's okay to have no issue for small changes -->
This Merge Request includes:
- [ ] Tests
- [ ] A changelog fragment (cf
......@@ -285,6 +285,62 @@ Typical workflow for a contribution
8. Create your merge request
9. Take a step back and enjoy, we're really grateful you did all of this and took the time to contribute!
Changelog management
To ensure we have extensive and well-structured changelog, any significant
work such as closing an issue must include a changelog fragment. Small changes
may include a changelog fragment as well but this is not mandatory. If you're not
sure about what to do, do not panic, open your merge request normally and we'll
figure everything during the review ;)
Changelog fragments are text files that can contain one or multiple lines
that describe the changes occuring in a bunch of commits. Those files reside
in ``changes/changelog.d``.
A typical fragment looks like that:
Fixed broken audio player on Chrome 42 for ogg files (#567)
If the work fixes one or more issues, the issue number should be included at the
end of the fragment (``(#567)`` is the issue number in the previous example.
If your work is not related to a specific issue, use the merge request
identifier instead, like this:
Fixed a typo in landing page copy (!342)
Fragment files should respect the following naming pattern: ``changes/changelog.d/<name>.<category>``.
Name can be anything describing your work, or simply the identifier of the issue number you are fixing.
Category can be one of:
- ``feature``: for new features
- ``enhancement``: for enhancements on existing features
- ``bugfix``: for bugfixes
- ``doc``: for documentation
- ``i18n``: for internationalization-related work
- ``misc``: for anything else
Here is a shortcut you can use/adapt to easily create new fragments from command-line:
.. code-block:: bash
content="Fixed an overflowing issue on small resolutions (#$issue)"
echo $content > changes/changelog.d/$issue.$category
You can of course create fragments by hand in your text editor, or from Gitlab's
interface as well.
Added a merge request template and more documentation about the changelog
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