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Attempt at scrobbling plugin

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from funkwhale_api import plugins
class Plugin(plugins.Plugin):
name = "fw_scrobbler"
help = "A simple plugin that enables scrobbling to ListenBrainz and"
version = "0.1"
def load(self):
from . import config
from . import hooks
from funkwhale_api import plugins
plugin = plugins.get_plugin("fw_scrobbler")
service = plugins.config.SettingSection("service", "Scrobbling Service")
class URL(plugins.config.StringSetting):
section = service
name = "url"
default = ""
verbose_name = "URL of the scrobbler service"
help = (
"Suggested choices:\n\n",
"- LastFM (default if left empty):\n",
"- ListenBrainz:",
"- ListenBrainz:",
class Username(plugins.config.StringSetting):
section = service
name = "username"
default = ""
verbose_name = "Your scrobbler username"
class Password(plugins.config.PasswordSetting):
section = service
name = "password"
default = ""
verbose_name = "Your scrobbler password"
from funkwhale_api import plugins
from . import scrobbler
plugin = plugins.get_plugin("fw_scrobbler")
def forward_to_scrobblers(listening, plugin_conf, **kwargs):
if plugin_conf["user"] is None:
raise plugins.Skip()
username = plugin_conf["user"]["settings"].get("service__username")
password = plugin_conf["user"]["settings"].get("service__password")
url = plugin_conf["user"]["settings"].get("service__url", DEFAULT_SCROBBLER_URL)
if username and password:"Forwarding scrobbler to %s", url)
session = plugin.get_requests_session()
session_key, scrobble_url = scrobbler.handshake_v1(
session=session, url=url, username=username, password=password
plugin.logger.debug("No scrobbler configuration for user, skipping")
import hashlib
import time
import time
from funkwhale_api import plugins
from . import scrobbler
plugin = plugins.get_plugin("fw_scrobbler")
class ScrobblerException(Exception):
def handshake_v1(session, url, username, password):
timestamp = str(int(time.time())).encode("utf-8")
password_hash = hashlib.md5(password.encode("utf-8")).hexdigest()
auth = hashlib.md5(password_hash.encode("utf-8") + timestamp).hexdigest()
params = {
"hs": "true",
"p": "1.2",
"v": plugin.version,
"u": username,
"t": timestamp,
"a": auth,
session = plugin.get_requests_session()
"Performing scrobbler handshake for username %s at %s", username, url
handshake_response = session.get(url, params=params)
# process response
result = handshake_response.text.split("\n")
if len(result) >= 4 and result[0] == "OK":
session_key = result[1]
# nowplaying_url = result[2]
scrobble_url = result[3]
elif result[0] == "BANNED":
raise ScrobblerException("BANNED")
elif result[0] == "BADAUTH":
raise ScrobblerException("BADAUTH")
elif result[0] == "BADTIME":
raise ScrobblerException("BADTIME")
raise ScrobblerException(handshake_response.text)
plugin.logger.debug("Handshake successful, scrobble url: %s", scrobble_url)
return session_key, scrobble_url
def submit_scrobble_v1(session, scrobble_time, track, session_key, scrobble_url):
payload = get_scrobble_payload(track, scrobble_time)
plugin.logger.debug("Sending scrobble with payload %s", payload)
payload["s"] = session_key
response =, payload)
if response.text.startswith("OK"):
elif response.text.startswith("BADSESSION"):
raise ScrobblerException("Remote server says the session is invalid")
raise ScrobblerException(response.text)
plugin.logger.debug("Scrobble successfull!")
def get_scrobble_payload(track, scrobble_time):
upload = track.uploads.filter(duration__gte=0).first()
return {
"t[0]": track.title,
"i[0]": int(scrobble_time.timestamp()),
"l[0]": upload.duration if upload else 0,
"b[0]": track.album.title or "",
"n[0]": track.position or "",
"m[0]": str(track.mbid) or "",
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