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......@@ -106,3 +106,24 @@ Then, download our sample virtualhost file and proxy conf:
curl -L -o /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/funkwhale.conf "|version|/deploy/nginx.conf"
Ensure static assets and proxy pass match your configuration, and check the configuration is valid with ``nginx -t``. If everything is fine, you can restart your nginx server with ``service nginx restart``.
About internal locations
Music (and other static) files are never served by the app itself, but by the reverse
proxy. This is needed because a webserver is way more efficient at serving
files than a Python process.
However, we do want to ensure users have the right to access music files, and
it can't be done at the proxy's level. To tackle this issue, `we use
nginx's internal directive <>`_.
When the API receives a request on its music serving endpoint, it will check
that the user making the request can access the file. Then, it will return an empty
response with a ``X-Accel-Redirect`` header. This header will contain the path
to the file to serve to the user, and will be picked by nginx, but never sent
back to the client.
Using this technique, we can ensure music files are covered by the authentication
and permission policy of your instance, while keeping as much as performance
as possible.
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