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See #559: added a mixin to store common translations

parent c4318b4d
export default {
computed: {
sharedLabels () {
return {
filters: {
creation_date: this.$gettext('Creation date'),
accessed_date: this.$gettext('Accessed date'),
modification_date: this.$gettext('Modification date'),
imported_date: this.$gettext('Imported date'),
expiration_date: this.$gettext('Expiration date'),
track_title: this.$gettext('Track name'),
album_title: this.$gettext('Album name'),
artist_name: this.$gettext('Artist name'),
name: this.$gettext('Name'),
title: this.$gettext('Title'),
size: this.$gettext('Size'),
bitrate: this.$gettext('Bitrate'),
duration: this.$gettext('Duration'),
date_joined: this.$gettext('Sign-up date'),
last_activity: this.$gettext('Last activity'),
username: this.$gettext('Username'),
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