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chore(deps): update dependency vue-tsc to v1.8.22 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
vue-tsc devDependencies patch 1.8.8 -> 1.8.22

Release Notes

vuejs/language-tools (vue-tsc)


Compare Source

  • fix: experimentalResolveStyleCssClasses: "always" not working (#​3689) - thanks @​maIIady
  • fix: __VLS_Prettify missing for dts build when uses withDefaults() (#​3691)


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Volar.js 1.10.5 updates:


Compare Source

  • feat: added Italian integration documentation
  • feat: enforce v-bind argument to be an object (#​3666) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: JSDoc comments not emitted when using type-only defineProps macro (#​3645)
  • fix: autocomplete for directive comments without a space (#​3665) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: fix slot type when using a interpolation in template string (#​3657) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: add autocomplete for v-slot parameters (#​3661) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: export correct SlotsPropertyName for vue2 (#​3669) - thanks @​zhiyuanzmj
  • fix(types): infer discriminated unions in child component props (#​3672) - thanks @​davidmatter
  • fix: access to slots directly (#​3671) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: autocomplete not working for $event (#​3668) - thanks @​so1ve
  • perf: remove duplicate virtual code for native tags
  • chore: rename volar to vue in diagnostics (#​3667) - thanks @​so1ve
  • chore: publish ts plugin to open-vsx (#​3589) - thanks @​brc-dd
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  • feat: no longer checking save time (#​3650)
  • fix(ts-plugin): tsserver doesnt have updated list of external files when new vue files are added (required TS 5.3) (#​3555) (#​3649)
  • fix: false positive error when accessing local variables in defineProps parameter (#​3643) (#​3644) - thanks @​so1ve


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Upgrade required VSCode version to 1.82.0 (#​3642)


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  • fix: merge default export's properties properly (#​3600) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: accurate exposed type with refs in generic component (#​3604) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: make emits type correct when user assigns emit function a custom name (#​3624) - thanks @​so1ve
Volar.js 1.10.3 updates:


Compare Source

  • fix: props type missing in JS component context (#​3592)
  • fix: ignore $emit return type for Vue 2 (#​3596)


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  • fix: generate valid syntax when noPropertyAccessFromIndexSignature is not enabled (#​3575) - thanks @​so1ve


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  • feat: support vitepress's code snippet import (#​3559) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix(component-meta): fix modules interoperability with vue-component-type-helper
  • fix: avoid losing generic types with strictTemplates: false (#​3565) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: format slots with typeannotation correctly (#​3573) - thanks @​so1ve


Compare Source

  • feat: slot references codeLens counting fragment default slot (#​932)
  • fix: correct message for @vue-expect-error (#​3541) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: avoid global macros conflicts with local variables (#​3550) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: script setup comments at top breaks global macros (#​3549) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix(vue-tsc): prevent rebuild in incremental mode throwing error (#​3556) - thanks @​blake-newman


Compare Source

  • feat: added Portuguese integration documentation (#​3535)
  • feat: exposed configFileName for createParsedCommandLineByJson() function (#​3456) - thanks @​qmhc
  • feat: support nested plugins (#​3530) - thanks @​so1ve
  • feat(vscode): add vue.server.runtime setting and support for Bun runtime
  • feat(vscode): add vue.server.path setting for customize server module path
  • fix: correctly hyphen-case props (#​3424) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix: generic components should respect strictTemplates (#​3487) - thanks @​so1ve
  • fix(vue-component-type-helpers): correctly handle generic components when using ComponentExposed (#​3536) - thanks @​so1ve


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