Upgrade instructions are available at https://docs.funkwhale.audio/admin/upgrading.html

Due to a bug in our CI Pipeline frontend artifacts are not available at https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/builds/artifacts/1.2.0/download?job=build_front as they would usually. Please use this URL to get your frontend build: https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/-/jobs/81069/artifacts/download

If you are running the All-in-One-Container since a longer time, you probably need to manually migrate your database information. If thats the case, you will get a message like this:

DETAIL: The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 11, which is not compatible with this version 13.5.

Make sure the Funkwhale version is set to 1.1.4 in docker-compose.yml. Now you can run this command to dump the database into a file:

docker-compose exec -T funkwhale pg_dump -c -U funkwhale > "db.dump"

Now you can update the Funkwhale version in docker-compose.yml to 1.2.0. Additionally you should save your data directory, eg by running mv data data.bak && mkdir data. Stop Funkwhale and start it again with the new version, by using docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d. This will initialize a fresh DB and applies all migrations. Now you can restore your database with the following command: cat db.dump | docker-compose exec -T funkwhale psql -U funkwhale. Thats it, enjoy!


  • Implemented awesome recently added radio (part of #1390)
  • Rework the instance about page (#1376)
  • Made changes to the track table to make it more visibly pleasing


  • Add linting for Frontend code (#1602)
  • Add xmlns:content to feed schemas fixes #1535
  • Add a Maloja plugin to submit listenings
  • Add artist cover art in subsonic API response (#1528)
  • Allow listen activities privacy level to be set public
  • Allow running multi-container setup on non-root user inside docker (!1375) (fixes #1334)
  • Change volume dynamic range from 60dB to 40dB (fixes #1544)
  • Change Start Radio to Play Radio (#1400)
  • Display toast when subsonic password is copied (#1496)
  • Expose more metadata in Subsonic's getAlbumList endpoint (#623)
  • ListenBrainz: Submit media player and submission client information
  • Make "play in list" the default when interacting with individual tracks (#1274)
  • Prevent an uncontrolled exception when uploading a file without tags, and prints user friendly message (1275)
  • Remove deprecated JWT Authentication (#1108) (1108)
  • Remove Raven SDK to report errors to Sentry (#1425) (1425)
  • Replace psycopg2-binary with psycopg2 (#1513)


  • Add worker-src to nginx header to prevent issues (#1489)
  • Enable stepless adjustment of the volume slider (!1294)
  • Fix an error in a Subsonic methods that return lists of numbers/strings like getUser
  • Fix showing too long radio descriptions (#1556)
  • Fix X-Frame-Options HTTP header for embed and force it to SAMEORIGIN value for other pages (fix #1022)
  • Fix before last track starts playing when last track removed (#1485)
  • Fix delete account button is not disalbed when missing password (#1591)
  • Fix omputed properties already defined in components data (#1649)
  • Fix the all in one docker image building process, related to #1503
  • Fix crash in album moderation interface when missing cover (#1474)
  • Fix subsonic scrobble not triggering plugin hook (#1416)
  • Improve formatting of RSS episode descriptions (#1405)
  • Only suggest typed tag once if it already exists
  • Partially fixed playing two tracks at same time (#1213)
  • Revert changes that break mobile browser playback (#1509)
  • Sanitize remote tracks' saving locations with slashes on their names (#1435)
  • Show embed option for channel tracks (#1278)
  • Store volume in logarithmic scale and convert when setting it to audio (fixes #1543)
  • Use global Howler volume instead of setting it separatly for each track (fixes #1542)


  • Add email configuration to the documentation (#1481)
  • Add server uninstallation documentation (!1314)
  • Document location of cli env file on macOS (!1354)
  • Fix broken backup documentation (#1345)
  • Refactore installation documentation and other small documentation adjustments (!1314)
  • Add User documentation for built-in plugins


  • Create stable branch, master is now deprecated and will be removed in 1.3 (#1476)


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