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WIP: Add Electron support

Creak requested to merge creak/funkwhale:896-add-electron-support into develop

Disclaimer: I am discovering both Electron and the Funkwhale code base at the same time, any help would be greatly appreciated! 😉

This MR is based on !853 (closed).

Closes #896 (closed)


  • Add media keys for Linux
  • Add app name (currently it's "front")
  • Add the app to the systray
  • Add notifications
  • Add functionality to choose your remote server through the front end
  • Tests


  • Decouple the Electron dependencies and code from the web app
  • Add Funkwhale icon
  • Add Electron
  • A changelog fragment



Install Electron-related dependencies:

yarn electron:install

Run the app in development mode:

yarn electron:serve

Build a production version of the app:

yarn electron:build

Run the app built with yarn electron:build:


Connect to a specific server

In order to test the Electron application with your server, you need to set the WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_URL environment variable. Like this:

WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_URL= yarn electron:serve


WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_URL= ./dist_electron/front-0.1.0.AppImage
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