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Server CLI: user management

Agate requested to merge cli into develop

it was asked recently via, and it was due anyway to make automation easier, so I took the morning to work on this.

This makes a new fw command namespace available on the server. I've used click as the CLI library, because it's really easy to use and allow quite complex operations (like having command namespaces or reading option values from env vars). Whitin this namespace, 3 commands are available:

  • python fw users create: create a user (and not only an admin users, as python createsuperuser does)
  • python fw users set: update attributes such as password, permissions, active status or upload quota on one or more users
  • python fw users rm: remove one or more user accounts

The MR also includes:

cc @funkwhale/reviewers-python @funkwhale/reviewers-sysadmin @Sporiff (for docs)

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