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See #432: UI for tags (first round)

Agate requested to merge 432-tags-suggestions into develop

See #432 (closed)

(Based on !830 (merged), so only commits after 0de16dc2 are relevant for review)

So, this MR implements the first set of UI pages and components for using tags 🎉

cc @funkwhale/reviewers-front

What's included

  • Adding tags, using the existing "Edit" feature, from artists, albums and tracks pages
  • Display tags on artsts, albums and tracks pages
  • Added support for filtering by one or more tags on Artists and Albums browse
  • A brand new "Tag" page, where you can see artists, albums and tracks matching a given tag

What's not included (and will be done separately, after this is merged)

  • UI for tag radios
  • Admin UI (list tags, display tags in admin UI for artists, tracks, etc.)
  • Support for searching tag in the sidebar search

Demo of the feature


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