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Resolve "add a view to list albums"

jake requested to merge heyjake/funkwhale:356-albums-view into develop

Fix #356 (closed)

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I'm a Laravel/PHP dev, so feel free to poke at all my Pythoning. But I felt like funkwhale needed an album view (and so did someone else apparently!)

It seemed like an easy first project, however I encountered an error with the query filter along the way. Originally AlbumFilter had q = fields.SearchFilter(search_fields=["title", "artist__name" "source"]), which would throw an error similar to "Unknown field album namesource". Source didn't exist as a field (afaik), so I removed it.

In order to make sure this behaviour would work, I added a test. Very simple, please poke at it to see if I'm missing anything.

The front end side of things is basically a copy of the artists view. I was going to use the AlbumWidget, but I didn't want to refactor that code in case you folks had a specific vision for how this page was going to look. So I just kept it simple. Feel free to throw UI/UX changes as well!

Here's a preview: image

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