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chore(front): update dependency sinon to v17 (develop) - autoclosed

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-front-sinon-17.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
sinon (source) devDependencies major 15.0.2 -> 17.0.1

Release Notes

sinonjs/sinon (sinon)


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Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-11-01.


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  • 11a8e3f2 Remove Proxyquire as it did not handle newer syntax (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • ec37d634 Drop Node 16, as it is out of maintenance (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • 75e2b691 Upgrade fake-timers@11.2.2: new Intl mirroring and bugfixes (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-10-20.


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  • 93e8aa93 Remove postinstall script as it causes issues for consumers (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-10-19.


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  • cac5184b Enable use of assignment in the presence of accessors (#​2538) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • f8c20e54 New article: making Sinon work with complex setups (#​2540) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

    Co-authored-by: Morgan Roderick >

  • cb5b9621 Add NPM script 'dev-docs' and document its usage (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • dd7c6091 Add a little update to contributing (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • 79acdf38 Move tool versions into single file at root (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • 03b1db50 Expose Changelog page (#​2550) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • e1c3dad2 Add section on tooling and recommend using ASDF for tool versioning (#​2547) (Carl-Erik Kopseng) Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-10-05.


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  • c3396058 fix(2525): ensure non empty message when error of type string is passed, but no message (#​2544) (Mark de Dios)
  • baa1aee9 .define method (#​2539) (Konstantin Gukov)
    • .define method for temporarily defining new properties during the tests
  • fe799e78 Fix issue 2534: spies are not restored (#​2535) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • 305fb6cc fix: actaully reset 'injectedKeys' (#​2456) (Morgan Roderick)
  • de2635dd Bump LTS version one notch: 20 (#​2529) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

Released by Morgan Roderick on 2023-09-13.


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  • 66b0081e Use fake-timers v10.1.0 re-released as v10.3.0 (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

    Version 10.2.0 of fake-timers had an unexpected breaking change. We re-released 10.1.0 as 10.3.0 to force users into jumping over the deprecated version.

    v10.2.0 was re-released as v11.0.0 and will be part of the next Sinon major

  • a79ccaeb Support callable instances (#​2517) (bojavou)
    • Support callable instances
    • Clean prettier lint

    Co-authored-by: - <->

  • d220c995 fix: bundling compatibility with webpack@5 (#​2519) (Avi Vahl)
    • fix: bundling compatibility with webpack@5

    when using webpack v5 to bundle code that calls require('sinon') (cjs) , it would have defaulted to "exports->require" and fail with multiple node-api requirements (util, timers, etc.)

    this patch ensures that anyone who bundles sinon for browser gets the (browser-compatible) esm version.

    tested on both webpack v5 and v4. should be noted that v4 worked even without this patch, as it automatically injected polyfills. v5 no longer does so. with this MR, people using webpack@4 to bundle sinon at least see size improvement, as the polyfills are no longer required.

    • fix: revert change for package.json -> "browser"

    browserify doesn't seem to like esm. leave that entry point alone, and ensure "exports" -> "browser" (which webpack@5 uses) is esm.

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-06-20.


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  • 02b73aed Update lock file after removing node_modules ... (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-06-12.


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  • 194fc2ef Change fake-timers version to specifically target the one containing the 'jump' feature (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

    Instead of the later (breaking) version. See #​470

  • 05f05ac3 docs: Remove threw(obj) from docs (#​2513) (Morgan Roderick)

    Since the introduction of threw in

    0feec9f, no one have reported that

    threw(obj) doesn't work as the documentation states.

    const sinon = require("sinon");
    const o = { pie: "apple" };
    const f = sinon.fake.throws(o);
    // this is supposed to return true
    // => false

    Since it has been 12+ years without an error report, it's safe to assume

    that no one uses the threw method in this way. Let's remove it from

    the documentation.

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-06-12.


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  • 79e719f2 Ensure we use a fake-timers version with clock.jump (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • b2a4df5a Add docs for clock.jump method (#​2512) (Jason O'Neill)
  • f096abff fix (#​2514): only force new or inherited descriptors to be configurable (#​2515) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-05-18.


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  • e9042c4f Handling non-configurable object descriptors on the prototype (#​2508) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

    This should essentially make decorated methods stubbable again (see #​2491)

  • 430c9a60 Remove uses of var (#​2506) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

    Replace var with const where possible in /lib and /test.

    Modified the let codemod to be a codemod.

    Took about half an hour with --watch running

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-04-20.


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  • b775f1b4 Avoid tampering with globals and other modules' exports in tests (#​2504) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • 477064b6 fix: make it possible to call through to underlying stub in stub instance (#​2503) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

    closes #​2501

  • 6e19746e Remove dead Travis and Gitter references (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-03-26.


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