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chore(api): update dependency watchdog to v3 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-api-watchdog-3.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
watchdog (changelog) dependencies major ==2.2.1 -> ==3.0.0

Release Notes

gorakhargosh/watchdog (watchdog)

v3.0.0: 3.0.0

Compare Source

  • Drop support for Python 3.6.
  • watchdog is now PEP 561 compatible, and tested with mypy
  • Fix missing > in FileSystemEvent.__repr__() (#​980)
  • [ci] Lots of improvements
  • [inotify] Return from InotifyEmitter.queue_events() if not launched when thread is inactive (#​963)
  • [tests] Stability improvements
  • [utils] Remove handling of threading.Event.isSet spelling (#​962)
  • [watchmedo] Fixed tricks YAML generation (#​965)

💟 Thanks to our beloved contributors: @​kurtmckee, @​altendky, @​agroszer, @​BoboTiG

v2.3.1: 2.3.1

Compare Source

  • Run black on the entire source code
  • Bundle the requirements-tests.txt file in the source distribution (#​939)
  • [watchmedo] Exclude FileOpenedEvent events from AutoRestartTrick, and ShellCommandTrick, to restore watchdog < 2.3.0 behavior. A better solution should be found in the future. (#​949)
  • [watchmedo] Log FileOpenedEvent, and FileClosedEvent, events in LoggerTrick

💟 Thanks to our beloved contributors: @​BoboTiG

v2.3.0: 2.3.0

Compare Source

  • [inotify] Add support for IN_OPEN events: a FileOpenedEvent event will be fired (#​941)
  • [watchmedo] Add optional event debouncing for auto-restart, only restarting once if many events happen in quick succession (--debounce-interval) (#​940)
  • [watchmedo] Add option to not auto-restart the command after it exits (--no-restart-on-command-exit) (#​946)
  • [watchmedo] Exit gracefully on KeyboardInterrupt exception (Ctrl+C) (#​945)

💟 Thanks to our beloved contributors: @​BoboTiG, @​dstaple, @​taleinat, @​cernekj


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