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chore(api): update dependency service-identity to v24 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-api-service-identity-24.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

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service-identity (changelog) dependencies major ==21.1.0 -> ==24.1.0

Release Notes

pyca/service-identity (service-identity)


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  • If a certificate doesn't contain any subjectAltNames, we now raise service_identity.CertificateError instead of service_identity.VerificationError to make the problem easier to debug. #​67


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  • All Python versions up to and including 3.7 have been dropped.
  • Support for commonName in certificates has been dropped. It has been deprecated since 2017 and isn't supported by any major browser.
  • The oldest supported pyOpenSSL version (when using the pyopenssl backend) is now 17.0.0. When using such an old pyOpenSSL version, you have to pin cryptography yourself to ensure compatibility between them. Please check out constraints/oldest-pyopenssl.txt to verify what we are testing against.
  • If you've used service_identity.(cryptography|pyopenssl).extract_ids(), please switch to the new names extract_patterns(). #​56
  • service_identity.(cryptography|pyopenssl).extract_patterns() are now public APIs (FKA extract_ids()). You can use them to extract the patterns from a certificate without verifying anything. #​55
  • service-identity is now fully typed. #​57


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