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chore(api): update dependency django-cors-headers to v4 (develop)

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
django-cors-headers (changelog) dependencies major ==3.13.0 -> ==4.3.1

Release Notes

adamchainz/django-cors-headers (django-cors-headers)


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  • Fixed ASGI compatibility on Python 3.12.

    Thanks to Adrian Capitanu for the report in Issue #&#8203;908 <>__ and Rooyal in MR #&#8203;911 <>__.


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  • Avoid adding the access-control-allow-credentials header to unallowed responses.

    Thanks to Adam Romanek in MR #&#8203;888 <>__.

  • Support Django 5.0.


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  • Drop Python 3.7 support.


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  • Support Python 3.12.


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  • Add CORS_ALLOW_PRIVATE_NETWORK setting, which enables support for the Local Network Access draft specification.

    Thanks to Issac Kelly in MR #&#8203;745 <>__ and jjurgens0 in MR #&#8203;833 <>__.

  • Remove three headers from the default "accept list": accept-encoding, dnt, and origin. These are Forbidden header names <>__, which means requests JavaScript can never set them. Consequently, allowing them via CORS has no effect.

    Thanks to jub0bs for the report in Issue #&#8203;842 <>__.

  • Drop the CORS_REPLACE_HTTPS_REFERER setting and CorsPostCsrfMiddleware. Since Django 1.9, the CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS setting has been the preferred solution to making CSRF checks pass for CORS requests. The removed setting and middleware only existed as a workaround for Django versions before 1.9.

  • Add async support to the middleware, reducing overhead on async views.


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  • Support Django 4.2.

  • Switch from urlparse() to urlsplit() for URL parsing, reducing the middleware runtime up to 5%. This changes the type passed to origin_found_in_white_lists(), so if you have subclassed the middleware to override this method, you should check it is compatible (it most likely is).

    Thanks to Thibaut Decombe in MR #&#8203;793 <>__.


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