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chore(api): update dependency pylint to v2.17.7 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

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pylint (changelog) dev patch ==2.17.2 -> ==2.17.7

Release Notes

pylint-dev/pylint (pylint)


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2.17.7 is the last release before we only support pylint 3.0.0 or superior and python 3.8 or superior.

False Positives Fixed

  • Fix a regression in pylint 2.17.6 / astroid 2.15.7 causing various messages for code involving TypeVar.

    Closes #​9069

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash in refactoring checker when unary operand used with variable in for loop.

    Closes #​9074


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Other Bug Fixes

  • When parsing comma-separated lists of regular expressions in the config, ignore commas that are inside braces since those indicate quantifiers, not delineation between expressions.

    Closes #​7229

  • sys.argv is now always correctly considered as impossible to infer (instead of using the actual values given to pylint).

    Closes #​9047

  • Don't show class fields more than once in Pyreverse diagrams.

    Closes #​8189

  • Don't show arrows more than once in Pyreverse diagrams.

    Closes #​8522

  • Don't show duplicate type annotations in Pyreverse diagrams.

    Closes #​8888

  • Don't add Optional to | annotations with None in Pyreverse diagrams.

    Closes #​9014


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What's new in Pylint 2.17.5?

Release date: 2023-07-26

False Positives Fixed

  • Fix a false positive for unused-variable when there is an import in a if TYPE_CHECKING: block and allow-global-unused-variables is set to no in the configuration.

    Closes #​8696

  • Fix false positives generated when supplying arguments as **kwargs to IO calls like open().

    Closes #​8719

  • Fix a false positive where pylint was ignoring method calls annotated as NoReturn during the inconsistent-return-statements check.

    Closes #​8747

  • Exempt parents with only type annotations from the invalid-enum-extension message.

    Closes #​8830

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when a call to super() was placed after an operator (e.g. not).

    Closes #​8554

  • Fix crash for modified-while-iterating checker when deleting members of a dict returned from a call.

    Closes #​8598

  • Fix crash in invalid-metaclass check when a metaclass had duplicate bases.

    Closes #​8698

  • Avoid consider-using-f-string on modulos with brackets in template.

    Closes #​8720.

  • Fix a crash when __all__ exists but cannot be inferred.

    Closes #​8740

  • Fix crash when a variable is assigned to a class attribute of identical name.

    Closes #​8754

  • Fixed a crash when calling copy.copy() without arguments.

    Closes #​8774

Other Changes

  • Fix a crash when a nonlocal is defined at module-level.

    Closes #​8735


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False Positives Fixed

  • Fix a false positive for bad-dunder-name when there is a user-defined __index__ method.

    Closes #​8613

Other Bug Fixes

  • pyreverse: added escaping of vertical bar character in annotation labels produced by DOT printer to ensure it is not treated as field separator of record-based nodes.

    Closes #​8603

  • Fixed a crash when generating a configuration file: tomlkit.exceptions.TOMLKitError: Can't add a table to a dotted key caused by tomlkit v0.11.8.

    Closes #​8632


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What's new in Pylint 2.17.3?

Release date: 2023-04-24

False Positives Fixed

  • Fix unused-argument false positive when __new__ does not use all the arguments of __init__.

    Closes #​3670

  • Fix unused-import false positive for usage of six.with_metaclass.

    Closes #​7506

  • logging-not-lazy is not longer emitted for explicitly concatenated string arguments.

    Closes #​8410

  • Fix false positive for isinstance-second-argument-not-valid-type when union types contains None.

    Closes #​8424

  • Fixed unused-import so that it observes the dummy-variables-rgx option.

    Closes #​8500

  • Union typed variables without assignment are no longer treated as TypeAlias.

    Closes #​8540

  • Fix false positive for positional-only-arguments-expected when a function contains both a positional-only parameter that has a default value, and **kwargs.

    Closes #​8555

  • Fix false positive for keyword-arg-before-vararg when a positional-only parameter with a default value precedes *args.

    Closes #​8570

Other Bug Fixes

  • Improve output of consider-using-generator message for min()` calls with default`` keyword.

    Closes #​8563


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