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chore(api): update dependency drf-spectacular to v0.26.5 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-api-drf-spectacular-0.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
drf-spectacular dependencies patch ==0.26.1 -> ==0.26.5

Release Notes

tfranzel/drf-spectacular (drf-spectacular)


Compare Source

  • update FAQ entry on extension loading
  • Fix (#&#8203;1079 <>_) crash when generating schema for field with UUID choices. [Pedro Borges]
  • chore: fix typos [Heinz-Alexander Fuetterer]
  • Use schema_url in SpectacularElementsView (#&#8203;1067 <>_) [q0w]
  • add helper to disable viewset list detection #&#8203;1064 <>_
  • pin django-allauth test dep due to breaking change with dj-rest-auth
  • fix example building for pagination with basic list #&#8203;1055 <>_
  • Fix discarded falsy examples values #&#8203;1049 <>_

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Added helper function forced_singular_serializer to disable a list detection on a endpoint, that has been quite difficult to properly undo previously. This closes the functional gap for @extend_schema_serializer(many=False) in single-use (non-envelope) situations.
  • Several small bugfixes


Compare Source

  • fix django-polymorphic empty serializer case #&#8203;1029 <>_ #&#8203;542 <>_
  • Add a blueprint for pydantic 2 [Carmen Alvarez]
  • bugfix exclude behavior on subclassing #&#8203;1025 <>_
  • relax django-filter subclassing restriction #&#8203;1022 <>_
  • factor out serializer name estimation for easier modification #&#8203;976 <>_
  • Fixing Pydantic Extension (#&#8203;1021 <>_) [sydney-runkle]
  • add Authorization header for oauth2 Bearer token [Danial]
  • allow already supported lazy string in types #&#8203;982 <>_

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • some minor bugfixes as well as improvements to django-filter and django-polymorphic.
  • it is now significantly easier to adapt serializer naming via AutoSchema subclassing.


Compare Source

  • allow implicit list expansion of PolymorphicProxySerializer #&#8203;995 <>_
  • selectively distinguish real serializers from mocked ones #&#8203;1006 <>_
  • fix functionality gap for decoration of django-filter fields #&#8203;1007 <>_
  • add pydantic blueprint
  • robustify subclass check in extensions #&#8203;1006 <>_
  • Prevent exception for non-serializer classes targeted by SerializerExtensions #&#8203;1006 <>_
  • add middleware support for djangorestframework_camel_case
  • close functionality gap in drf dataclasses naming #&#8203;1004 <>_
  • fix: Camelize query parameters [v.kovalchuk]
  • docs(examples): Fix wrong bool value in example [schew2381]
  • bugfix test #&#8203;991 <>_
  • bugfix duplicate enum list for django-filter #&#8203;991 <>_
  • dj-rest-auth test changes 3.x -> 4.x
  • Add blocks to redoc template #&#8203;978 <>_

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • no major changes but a multiude of small improvements.
  • we are now a lot more tolerant when it comes to writing extensions for non-standard classes (e.g. Pydantic).
  • there should be no unexpected schema changes except for when djangorestframework_camel_case's Middleware is used.


Compare Source

  • fix jwt cookie name settings not being recognised (#&#8203;972 <>_) [Nix Siow]
  • Add OpenApiRequest for encoding options #&#8203;714 <>_ #&#8203;965 <>_

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • small bugfix release that also contains the new OpenApiRequest feature


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