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chore(api): update dependency aiohttp to v3.8.6 (stable)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/stable-api-aiohttp-3.x into stable

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
aiohttp dependencies patch ==3.8.5 -> ==3.8.6

Release Notes

aio-libs/aiohttp (aiohttp)

v3.8.6: 3.8.6

Compare Source

Security bugfixes


  • Added fallback_charset_resolver parameter in ClientSession to allow a user-supplied character set detection function.

    Character set detection will no longer be included in 3.9 as a default. If this feature is needed, please use fallback_charset_resolver <>_.



  • Enabled lenient response parsing for more flexible parsing in the client (this should resolve some regressions when dealing with badly formatted HTTP responses). -- by :user:Dreamsorcerer



  • Fixed PermissionError when .netrc is unreadable due to permissions.


  • Fixed output of parsing errors pointing to a \n. -- by :user:Dreamsorcerer


  • Fixed GunicornWebWorker max_requests_jitter not working.


  • Fixed sorting in filter_cookies to use cookie with longest path. -- by :user:marq24.


  • Fixed display of BadStatusLine messages from llhttp_. -- by :user:Dreamsorcerer



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