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chore(api): update dependency boto3 to v1.26.153 (stable)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/stable-api-boto3-1.x into stable

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
boto3 dependencies patch ==1.26.152 -> ==1.26.153

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  • api-change:cloudtrail: [botocore] This feature allows users to view dashboards for CloudTrail Lake event data stores.
  • api-change:codeguru-security: [botocore] Initial release of Amazon CodeGuru Security APIs
  • api-change:drs: [botocore] Added APIs to support network replication and recovery using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.
  • api-change:ec2: [botocore] This release introduces a new feature, EC2 Instance Connect Endpoint, that enables you to connect to a resource over TCP, without requiring the resource to have a public IPv4 address.
  • api-change:imagebuilder: [botocore] Change the Image Builder ImagePipeline dateNextRun field to more accurately describe the data.
  • api-change:lightsail: [botocore] This release adds pagination for the Get Certificates API operation.
  • api-change:s3: [botocore] Integrate double encryption feature to SDKs.
  • api-change:securityhub: [botocore] Add support for Security Hub Automation Rules
  • api-change:simspaceweaver: [botocore] This release fixes using aws-us-gov ARNs in API calls and adds documentation for snapshot APIs.
  • api-change:verifiedpermissions: [botocore] GA release of Amazon Verified Permissions.
  • api-change:wafv2: [botocore] You can now detect and block fraudulent account creation attempts with the new AWS WAF Fraud Control account creation fraud prevention (ACFP) managed rule group AWSManagedRulesACFMRuleSet.
  • api-change:wellarchitected: [botocore] AWS Well-Architected now supports Profiles that help customers prioritize which questions to focus on first by providing a list of prioritized questions that are better aligned with their business goals and outcomes.


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