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chore(api): update dependency prompt-toolkit to v3.0.38 (stable)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/stable-api-prompt-toolkit-3.x into stable

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
prompt-toolkit dev-dependencies patch ==3.0.36 -> ==3.0.38

Release Notes



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  • Fix regression in filters. (Use of WeakValueDictionary caused filters to not be cached).

New features:

  • Use 24-bit true color now by default on Windows 10/11.


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Bug fixes:

  • Fix currentThread() deprecation warning.
  • Fix memory leak in filters.
  • Make VERSION tuple numeric.

New features:

  • Add .run() method in TelnetServer. (To be used instead of .start()/.stop().

Breaking changes:

  • Subclasses of Filter have to call super() in their __init__.
  • Drop support for Python 3.6:
    • This includes code cleanup for Python 3.6 compatibility.
    • Use get_running_loop() instead of get_event_loop().
    • Use instead of asyncio.run_until_complete().


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