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chore(front): update vue monorepo to v3.3.2 (develop) NOCHANGELOG

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-front-vue-monorepo into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@vue/compiler-sfc (source) devDependencies minor 3.2.47 -> 3.3.2
@vue/runtime-core (source) dependencies minor 3.2.45 -> 3.3.2
vue (source) dependencies minor 3.2.45 -> 3.3.2

Release Notes



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Bug Fixes
  • compiler-core: treat floating point numbers as constants (8dc8cf8), closes #​8295
  • compiler-dom: do not throw in production on side effect tags (c454b9d), closes #​8287 #​8292
  • compiler-sfc: fix regression on props destructure when transform is not enabled (f25bd37), closes #​8289
  • compiler-sfc: handle prop keys that need escaping (#​7803) (690ef29), closes #​8291
  • compiler-sfc: properly parse d.ts files when resolving types (aa1e77d), closes #​8285
  • compiler-sfc: raise specific warning for failed extends and allow ignoring extends (8235072), closes #​8286


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Bug Fixes
  • suspense: handle nested sync suspense for hydration (a3f5485)


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  • For a detailed walkthrough of the new features in 3.3, please read the release blog post.

  • Features and deprecations listed here are aggregated from the beta and alpha releases. For full chronological history, bug fixes, and other minor features, please consult the individual logs of the 3.3 beta and alpha releases.



  • deprecation: deprecate @​vnode hooks in favor of vue: prefix (5f0394a)
  • deprecation: deprecate v-is directive (bbd8301)
  • deprecation: unwrap injected refs in Options API by default, deprecate app.config.unwrapInjectedRefs (526fa3b)


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