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chore(front): update sentry-javascript monorepo to v7.47.0 (develop)

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@sentry/tracing (source) dependencies minor 7.27.0 -> 7.47.0
@sentry/vue (source) dependencies minor 7.27.0 -> 7.47.0

Release Notes



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Important Changes
  • feat(browser): Add captureUserFeedback (#​7729)

This release adds a new API, Sentry.captureUserFeedback, to browser-side SDKs that allows you to send user feedback to Sentry without loading and opening Sentry's user feedback dialog. This allows you to obtain user feedback however and whenever you want to and simply send it to Sentry using the SDK.

For instance, you can collect feedback, whenever convenient as shown in this example:

const eventId = Sentry.captureMessage('User Feedback');
const user = Sentry.getCurrentHub().getScope().getUser();
const userFeedback = {
  event_id: eventId;
  name: user.username
  comments: 'I really like your App, thanks!'

Note that feedback needs to be coupled to an event but as in the example above, you can just use Sentry.captureMessage to generate one.

You could also collect feedback in a custom way if an error happens and use the SDK to send it along:

  dsn: '__DSN__',
  beforeSend: event => {
    const userFeedback = collectYourUserFeedback();
    const feedback = {
      event_id: event.event_id.
    return event;
  • feat(tracing): Deprecate @sentry/tracing exports (#​7611)

With this release, we officially deprecate all exports from the @sentry/tracing package, in favour of using them directly from the main SDK package. The @sentry/tracing package will be removed in a future major release.

Please take a look at the Migration docs for more details.

Additional Features and Fixes
  • feat(sveltekit): Add partial instrumentation for client-side fetch (#​7626)
  • fix(angular): Handle routes with empty path (#​7686)
  • fix(angular): Only open report dialog if error was sent (#​7750)
  • fix(core): Determine debug ID paths from the top of the stack (#​7722)
  • fix(ember): Ensure only one client is created & Replay works (#​7712)
  • fix(integrations): Ensure HttpClient integration works with Axios (#​7714)
  • fix(loader): Ensure JS loader works with tracing & add tests (#​7662)
  • fix(nextjs): Restore tree shaking capabilities (#​7710)
  • fix(node): Disable LocalVariables integration on Node < v18 (#​7748)
  • fix(node): Redact URL authority only in breadcrumbs and spans (#​7740)
  • fix(react): Only show report dialog if event was sent to Sentry (#​7754)
  • fix(remix): Remove unnecessary dependencies (#​7708)
  • fix(replay): Ensure circular references are handled (#​7752)
  • fix(sveltekit): Don't capture thrown Redirects as exceptions (#​7731)
  • fix(sveltekit): Log error to console by default in handleErrorWithSentry (#​7674)
  • fix(tracing): Make sure idle transaction does not override other transactions (#​7725)

Work in this release contributed by @​de-don and @​TrySound. Thank you for your contributions!


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Important Changes
  • feat(sveltekit): Add Performance Monitoring for SvelteKit
    • feat(sveltekit): Add meta tag for backend -> frontend (#​7574)
    • fix(sveltekit): Explicitly export Node SDK exports (#​7644)
    • fix(sveltekit): Handle nested server calls in sentryHandle (#​7598)
    • ref(sveltekit): Split up universal and server load wrappers (#​7652)

This release adds support for Performance Monitoring in our SvelteKit SDK for the client/server. We've also changed how you should initialize your SDK. Please read our updated SvelteKit README instructions for more details.

  • feat(core): Add ignoreTransactions option (#​7594)

You can now easily filter out certain transactions from being sent to Sentry based on their name.

  ignoreTransactions: ['/api/healthcheck', '/ping'],
  • feat(node): Undici integration (#​7582)
    • feat(nextjs): Add Undici integration automatically (#​7648)
    • feat(sveltekit): Add Undici integration by default (#​7650)

We've added an integration that automatically instruments Undici and Node server side fetch. This supports Undici v4.7.0 or higher and requires Node v16.7.0 or higher. After adding the integration outgoing requests made by Undici will have associated spans and breadcrumbs in Sentry.

  integrations: [new Sentry.Integrations.Undici()],

In our Next.js and SvelteKit SDKs, this integration is automatically added.

  • feat(node): Add Sentry tRPC middleware (#​7511)

We've added a new middleware for trpc that automatically adds TRPC information to Sentry transactions. This middleware is meant to be used in combination with a Sentry server integration (Next.js, Express, etc).

import { initTRPC } from '@&#8203;trpc/server';
import * as Sentry from '@&#8203;sentry/node';

const t = initTRPC.context().create();
const sentryMiddleware = t.middleware(
    attachRpcInput: true,

const sentrifiedProcedure = t.procedure.use(sentryMiddleware);
  • feat(tracing): Remove requirement for @sentry/tracing package

With 7.46.0 you no longer require the @sentry/tracing package to use tracing and performance monitoring with the Sentry JavaScript SDKs. The @sentry/tracing package will be removed in a future major release, but can still be used with no changes.

Please see the Migration docs for more details.

  • fix(node): Convert debugging code to callbacks to fix memory leak in LocalVariables integration (#​7637)

This fixes a memory leak in the opt-in LocalVariables integration, which adds local variables to the stacktraces sent to Sentry. The minimum recommended version to use the LocalVariables is now 7.46.0.

Additional Features and Fixes
  • feat(node): Auto discovery only returns integrations where dependency loads (#​7603)
  • feat(node): Sanitize URLs in Span descriptions and breadcrumbs (PII) (#​7667)
  • feat(replay): Add responseStatus, decodedBodySize to perf entries (#​7613)
  • feat(replay): Add experiment to capture request/response bodies (#​7589)
  • feat(replay): Capture replay mutation breadcrumbs & add experiment (#​7568)
  • feat(tracing): Ensure pageload transaction starts at timeOrigin (#​7632)
  • fix(core): Remove abs_path from stack trace (reverting #​7167) (#​7623)
  • fix(nextjs): Add loading component type to server component wrapping (#​7639)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't report NEXT_NOT_FOUND and NEXT_REDIRECT errors (#​7642)
  • fix(nextjs): Rewrite abs_path frames (#​7619)
  • fix(nextjs): Show errors and warnings only once during build (#​7651)
  • fix(nextjs): Use Next.js internal AsyncStorage (#​7630)
  • fix(nextjs): Gracefully handle undefined beforeFiles in rewrites (#​7649)

Work in this release contributed by @​aldenquimby and @​bertho-zero. Thank you for your contributions!


Compare Source

  • build(cdn): Ensure ES5 bundles do not use non-ES5 code (#​7550)
  • feat(core): Add trace function (#​7556)
  • feat(hub): Make scope always defined on the hub (#​7551)
  • feat(replay): Add replay_id to transaction DSC (#​7571)
  • feat(replay): Capture fetch body size for replay events (#​7524)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add performance monitoring for client load (#​7537)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add performance monitoring for server load (#​7536)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add performance monitoring to Sveltekit server handle (#​7532)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add SvelteKit routing instrumentation (#​7565)
  • fix(browser): Ensure keepalive flag is correctly set for parallel requests (#​7553)
  • fix(core): Ensure ignoreErrors only applies to error events (#​7573)
  • fix(node): Consider tracing error handler for process exit (#​7558)
  • fix(otel): Make sure we use correct hub on finish (#​7577)
  • fix(react): Handle case where error.cause already defined (#​7557)


Compare Source

  • fix(cdn): Fix ES5 CDN bundles (#​7544)


Compare Source

  • ref(core): Move beforeEnvelope to client (#​7527)


Compare Source

This release introduces the first alpha version of @sentry/sveltekit, our newest JavaScript SDK for Sveltekit. Check out the README for usage instructions and what to expect from this alpha release.

  • feat(replay): Add request_body_size & response_body_size to fetch/xhr (#​7407)
  • feat(replay): Add additional properties for UI clicks (#​7395)
  • feat(replay): Reduce time limit before pausing a recording (#​7356)
  • feat(replay): Upgrade rrweb and rrweb-player (#​7508)
  • feat(replay): Use new afterSend hook to improve error linking (#​7390)
  • feat(serverless): Publish lambda layer for Node 16/18 (#​7483)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add wrapper for client load function (#​7447)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add wrapper for server load function (#​7416)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add server-side handleError wrapper (#​7411)
  • feat(sveltekit): Introduce client-side handleError wrapper (#​7406)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add SvelteKit client and server init functions (#​7408)
  • feat(sveltekit): Inject Sentry.init calls into server and client bundles (#​7391)
  • feat(tracing): Expose BrowserTracing in non-tracing bundles (#​7479)
  • fix(core): Permanent idle timeout cancel finishes the transaction with the last finished child
  • fix(integrations): Handle lower-case prefix windows paths in RewriteFrames (#​7506)
  • fix(next): Guard against missing serverSideProps (#​7517)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix broken server component wrapping because of interrupted promise chain (#​7456)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix runtime error for static pages (#​7476)
  • fix(profiling): Catch sendProfile rejection (#​7446)
  • fix(replay): Never capture file input changes (#​7485)
  • fix(serverless): Explicitly export node package exports (#​7457)
  • fix(vue): Do not depend on window.location for SSR environments (#​7518)

Replay rrweb changes:

@sentry-internal/rrweb was updated from 1.105.0 to 1.106.0:

  • feat: Ensure password inputs are always masked (#​78)
  • fix: Ensure text masking for updated attributes works (#​83)
  • fix: Ensure unmaskTextSelector is used for masked attributes (#​81)
  • fix: Mask values for selects & radio/checkbox value (#​75)

Work in this release contributed by @​woochanleee and @​baked-dev. Thank you for your contribution!


Compare Source

  • feat(nextjs): Run source map upload in Vercel develop and preview environments (#​7436)
  • feat(types): Add profilesSampler option to node client type (#​7385)
  • fix(core): Avoid using Array.findIndex() as it is ES5 incompatible (#​7400)
  • fix(nextjs): Add better error messages for missing params during next build (#​7434)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't crash build when auth token is missing
  • fix(node): Revert to dynamic require call to fix monkey patching (#​7430)
  • fix(types): Fix node types & add E2E test (#​7429)


Compare Source

  • feat(core): Add lifecycle hooks (#​7370)
  • feat(core): Emit hooks for transaction start/finish (#​7387)
  • feat(nextjs): Connect traces for server components (#​7320)
  • feat(replay): Attach an error cause to send exceptions (#​7350)
  • feat(replay): Consider user input in form field as "user activity" (#​7355)
  • feat(replay): Update rrweb to 1.105.0 & add breadcrumb when encountering large mutation (#​7314)
  • feat(tracing): Expose cancelIdleTimeout and add option to make it permanent (#​7236)
  • feat(tracing): Track PerformanceObserver interactions as spans (#​7331)
  • fix(core): Ensure originalException has type unknown (#​7361)
  • fix(core): Avoid using Object.values() (#​7360)
  • fix(react): Make redux integration be configurable via normalizeDepth (#​7379)
  • fix(tracing): Record LCP and CLS on transaction finish (#​7386)
  • ref(browser): Improve type safety of breadcrumbs integration (#​7382)
  • ref(node): Parallelize disk io when reading source files for context lines (#​7374)
  • ref(node): Partially remove dynamic require calls (#​7377)

Replay rrweb changes:

@sentry-internal/rrweb was updated from 1.104.1 to 1.105.0 (#​7314):

  • feat: Add onMutation option to record (#​70)
  • fix: Ensure <input type='submit' value='Btn text'> is masked (#​69)


Compare Source

  • feat: Ensure we use the same default environment everywhere (#​7327)
  • feat(profiling): Add JS self profiling in the browser (#​7273)
  • feat(vue): Allow to set routeLabel: 'path' to opt-out of using name (#​7326)
  • fix(profiling): Guard from throwing if profiler constructor throws (#​7328)
  • fix(react): Use namespace import for react router v6 (#​7330)
  • fix(remix): Correctly parse X-Forwarded-For Http header (#​7329)

Work in this release contributed by @​OliverJAsh. Thank you for your contribution!


Compare Source

  • feat(nextjs): Automatically resolve source of errors in dev mode (#​7294)
  • feat(vue): Log errors to the console by default (#​7310)
  • fix(ember): Disable performance in FastBoot (#​7282)
  • fix(serverless): Capture custom tags in error events of GCP functions (#​7298)
  • fix(serverless): Capture custom tags in GCP Background and CloudEvent function error events (#​7301)


Compare Source

This release adds a new package, @sentry/angular-ivy, which is our Angular SDK with full support for Angular's rendering engine, Ivy.

This release also adds a new enableTracing option, which can be used instead of tracesSampleRate for an easier setup. Related to this, the hasTracingEnabled utility function was moved from @sentry/tracing to @sentry/core. The old export from @sentry/tracing has been deprecated and will be removed in v8.

  • feat(angular): Add Ivy-compatible Angular SDK package (#​7264)
  • feat(core): Add source map images to debug_meta (#​7168)
  • feat(loader): Make lazy-loading configurable (#​7232)
  • feat(nextjs): Add performance monitoring to server components (#​7242)
  • feat(nextjs): Default to VERCEL_ENV as environment (#​7227)
  • feat(replay): Add more default block filters (#​7233)
  • feat(tracing): Add enableTracing option (#​7238)
  • fix(core): Exclude client reports from offline queuing (#​7226)
  • fix(nextjs): Export serverside data-fetcher wrappers from client (#​7256)
  • fix(replay): Fix timestamps on LCP (#​7225)

Replay rrweb changes:

@sentry-internal/rrweb was updated from 1.103.0 to 1.104.1 (#​7238):

  • feat: Export typings/types (#​60)
  • feat: Remove autoplay attribute from audio/video tags (#​59)
  • fix: Exclude modulepreload as well (#​52)
  • fix: Handle removed attributes (#​65)
  • fix: Masking inputs on change when maskAllInputs:false (#​61)
  • fix: More robust rootShadowHost check (#​50)
  • fix: Textarea value is being duplicated (#​62)


Compare Source

  • feat: Put abs_path into stack frame object (#​7167)
  • feat(integrations): Deprecate Offline integration (#​7063)
  • feat(otel): Convert exception otel events to sentry errors (#​7165)
  • feat(replay): Change LCP calculation (#​7187)
  • feat(tracing): Support Apollo/GraphQL with NestJS (#​7194)
  • feat(tracing): Track PerformanceResourceTiming.renderBlockingStatus (#​7127)
  • feat(tracing|core): Remove transaction name change recording (#​7197)
  • fix(browser): Ensure dedupe integration ignores non-errors (#​7172)
  • fix(core): Skip empty integrations (#​7204)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix faulty import in Next.js .d.ts (#​7175)
  • fix(otel): Make otel.kind be a string (#​7182)
  • fix(react): Make fallback render types more accurate (#​7198)
  • fix(replay): Debounced flushes not respecting maxWait (#​7207, #​7208)
  • ref(replay): Improve logging for stopped replay (#​7174)

Work in this release contributed by @​lucas-zimermann. Thank you for your contribution!


Compare Source

This release includes changes and fixes around text masking and blocking in Replay's rrweb dependency. See versions 1.102.0 and 1.103.0.

  • feat: Check blockSelector for blocking elements as well
  • feat: With maskAllText, mask the attributes: placeholder, title, aria-label
  • feat: fix masking on textarea
  • feat: Add maskAllText option

SDK Changes:

  • fix(replay): Fix svgs not getting unblocked (#​7132)


Compare Source

  • fix(browser): Support async in stack frame urls (#​7131)
  • fix(nextjs): Make api route identifier stricter (#​7126)
  • fix(node): Don't rely on this in http integration (#​7135)
  • fix(replay): Fix missing fetch/xhr requests (#​7134)
  • fix(tracing): Export defaultStackParser from tracing CDN bundles (#​7116)


Compare Source

  • feat: Add source map debug ids (#​7068)
  • feat(browser): Add IndexedDb offline transport store (#​6983)
  • feat(nextjs): Add auto-wrapping for server components (#​6953)
  • feat(nextjs): Improve client stack traces (#​7097)
  • feat(replay): Improve rrweb error ignoring (#​7087 & #​7094)
  • feat(replay): Send client_report when replay sending fails (#​7093)
  • fix(node): LocalVariables, Improve frame matching for ESM (#​7049)
  • fix(node): Add lru cache to http integration span map (#​7064)
  • fix(replay): Export Replay from Sentry namespace in full CDN bundle (#​7119)

Work in this release contributed by @​JamesHenry. Thank you for your contribution!


Compare Source

This Release re-introduces the accidentally removed but still deprecated maskInputOptions option for Session Replay. Furthermore, replays are now stopped instead of paused when a rate limit is encountered.

  • feat(replay): Add back deprecated maskInputOptions (#​6981)
  • feat(replay): Stop recording when hitting a rate limit (#​7018)
  • fix(integrations): Report BaseClient integrations added after init (#​7011)
  • fix(replay): Don't mangle private rrweb property (#​7033)
  • fix(replay): Fix feature detection of PerformanceObserver (#​7029)


Compare Source

Session Replay is deprecating privacy options in favor of a more streamlined API. Please see the Replay migration guide for further information. Additionally, the following configuration options will no longer be configurable: slimDOMOptions, recordCanvas, inlineStylesheet, collectFonts, inlineImages.

  • feat(browser): Track if cdn or npm bundle (#​6976)
  • feat(core): Add aria label to breadcrumb attributes (#​6955)
  • feat(core): Add Offline Transport wrapper (#​6884)
  • feat(loader): Add SENTRY_SDK_SOURCE to track loader stats (#​6985)
  • feat(loader): Sync loader with Sentry template (#​7001)
  • feat(replay): Deprecate privacy options in favor of a new API, remove some recording options (#​6645)
  • feat(replay): Move sample rate tags into event context (#​6659)
  • fix(nextjs): Add isomorphic versions of ErrorBoundary, withErrorBoundary and showReportDialog (#​6987)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't modify require calls in wrapping loader (#​6979)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't share I/O resources in between requests (#​6980)
  • fix(nextjs): Inject client config into _app instead of main (#​7009)
  • fix(nextjs): Use Proxies to wrap to preserve static methods (#​7002)
  • fix(replay): Catch style mutation handling & null events in rrweb (#​7010)
  • fix(replay): Handle compression failures more robustly (#​6988)
  • fix(replay): Only call scope.getLastBreadcrumb if available (#​6969)
  • fix(utils): Account for null prototype during normalization (#​6925)
  • ref(replay): Log warning if sample rates are all undefined (#​6959)

Work in this release contributed by @​boblauer. Thank you for your contribution!


Compare Source

This release adds automatic injection of the Next.js SDK into serverside app directory bundles, allowing users to call the Sentry SDK in server components.

  • feat(nextjs): Add SDK to serverside app directory (#​6927)
  • fix(replay): Do not renew session in error mode (#​6948)
  • fix(replay): Handle compression worker errors more gracefully (#​6936)
  • fix(replay): fix path separator substitution to replay all \ (#​6932)
  • fix(replay): ignore errors in CSSStyleSheetObserver (getsentry/rrweb#​16)

Work in this release contributed by @​mdtro. Thank you for your contribution!


Compare Source

With this release, the sample rate for Session Replays will default to 0. We recommend explicitly setting the sample rate via the replaysSessionSampleRate and replaysOnErrorSampleRate options.

  • feat(replay): Remove default sample rates for replay (#​6878)
  • feat(replay): try/catch around stopRecording (#​6856)
  • fix(nextjs): Mark multiplexer targets as entrypoints (#​6919)


Compare Source

  • fix(nextjs): Make SDK multiplexer more resilient (#​6905)


Compare Source

  • build(replay): Stop preserving modules (#​6817)
  • feat(nextjs): Add browser SDK to app directory browser bundle (#​6812)
  • feat(node): Use includeLocalVariables option to enable LocalVariables integration (#​6874)
  • feat(node): Add option to capture local variables for caught exceptions via LocalVariables integration (#​6876)
  • feat(replay): Add flush method to integration (#​6776)
  • feat(replay): Handle worker loading errors (#​6827)
  • feat(replay): Lower the flush max delay from 15 seconds to 5 seconds (#​6761)
  • feat(tracing): Promote enableLongTask to option of BrowserTracing (#​6837)
  • fix(core): Fix replay client report data category (#​6891)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix SDK multiplexer loader on Windows (#​6866)
  • fix(otel): Use http/grpc status over span status (#​6879)
  • fix(react): Add children prop for Profiler (#​6828)
  • fix(react): Make wrapCreateBrowserRouter generic (#​6862)
  • fix(remix): Make sure the domain is created before running. (#​6852)
  • ref(nextjs): Remove NFT build time exclusions (#​6846)
  • ref(replay): Avoid duplicate debounce timers (#​6863)
  • ref(replay): Remove unused initialFlushDelay option (#​6867)
  • ref(replay): Send SDK version in Replay events (#​6814)

Work in this release contributed by @​h3rmanj. Thank you for your contribution!


Compare Source

  • build(replay): Provide full browser+tracing+replay bundle (#​6793)
  • feat(nextjs): Disable NextJS perf monitoring when using otel (#​6820)
  • fix(nextjs): Add back browser field in package.json (#​6809)
  • fix(nextjs): Connect Edge API route errors to span (#​6806)
  • fix(nextjs): Correctly handle ts middleware files (#​6816)


Compare Source

The Next.js SDK now supports error and performance monitoring for Next.js middleware and Edge API routes. To set it up, add a sentry.edge.config.js or sentry.edge.config.ts file to the root of your project and initialize the SDK:

// sentry.edge.config.js or sentry.edge.config.ts

import * as Sentry from "@&#8203;sentry/nextjs";

const SENTRY_DSN = process.env.SENTRY_DSN || process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_SENTRY_DSN;

  tracesSampleRate: 1.0,

The Next.js will automatically instrument Edge API routes and middleware. If you want to opt out of automatic instrumentation of middleware can use the autoInstrumentMiddleware option in the sentry object of your Next.js configuration:

const moduleExports = {
  sentry: {
    autoInstrumentMiddleware: false,

Middleware can be manually instrumented by using the wrapMiddlewareWithSentry function.

  • feat(nextjs): Add Edge Runtime SDK (#​6752)
  • feat(nextjs): Add optional options argument to withSentryConfig as an alternative to the sentry property (#​6721)
  • feat(nextjs): Add edge route and middleware wrappers (#​6771)
  • feat(nextjs): Auto-wrap edge-routes and middleware (#​6746)
  • feat(replay): Update rrweb & rrweb-snapshot (#​6749)
  • feat(replay): Stop recording when retry fails (#​6765)
  • feat(replay): Stop without retry when receiving bad API response (#​6773)
  • feat(types): Add Trace Context type (#​6714)
  • fix(nextjs): Export isomorphic data fetching wrappers from client SDK (#​6790)
  • fix(nextjs): Make Next.js types isomorphic (#​6707)
  • fix(node): Handle node build without inspector in LocalVariables integration (#​6780)
  • fix(otel): Set trace context via Otel Span instead of Sentry span (#​6724)
  • fix(otel): Prevent baggage from being overwritten (#​6709)
  • fix(otel): Make sure we handle when sentry-trace is an empty array (#​6781)
  • fix(remix): Make remix SDK type exports isomorphic (#​6715)
  • fix(replay): Fix checkoutEveryNms (#​6722)
  • fix(replay): Fix incorrect uncompressed recording size due to encoding (#​6740)
  • fix(tracing): Attach request instrumentation span to active span instead of current transaction (#​6778)
  • ref(nextjs): Deprecate isBuild() and IS_BUILD (#​6727)


Compare Source

  • feat(core): Add addIntegration method to client (#​6651)
  • feat(core): Add replay_event type for events (#​6481)
  • feat(gatsby): Support Gatsby v5 (#​6635)
  • feat(integrations): Add HTTPClient integration (#​6500)
  • feat(node): Add LocalVariables integration to capture local variables to stack frames (#​6478)
  • feat(node): Check for invalid url in node transport (#​6623)
  • feat(replay): Remove replayType from tags and into replay_event (#​6658)
  • feat(transport): Return result through Transport send (#​6626)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't wrap res.json and res.send (#​6674)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't write to res.end to fix next export (#​6682)
  • fix(nextjs): Exclude SDK from Edge runtime bundles (#​6683)
  • fix(replay): Allow Replay to be used in Electron renderers with nodeIntegration enabled (#​6644)
  • fix(utils): Ignore stack frames over 1kb (#​6627)
  • ref(angular) Add error-like objects handling (#​6446)
  • ref(nextjs): Remove instrumentSever (#​6592)

Work in this release contributed by @​rjoonas, @​Naddiseo, and @​theofidry. Thank you for your contributions!


Compare Source

This update includes a change to the @sentry/nextjs SDK that may increase response times of requests in applications deployed to Vercel or AWS lambdas to ensure that error events are sent consistently. Additionally, Next.js applications deployed to Vercel or AWS lambdas may also see an uptick in sent transactions. (for more information see #​6578)

  • feat(core): Add getSdkMetadata to Client (#​6643)
  • feat(nextjs): Send events consistently on platforms that don't support streaming (#​6578)
  • feat(replay): Use new prepareEvent util & ensure dropping replays works (#​6522)
  • feat(types): Upstream some replay types (#​6506)
  • fix(replay): Envelope send should be awaited in try/catch (#​6625)
  • fix(replay): Improve handling of maskAllText selector (#​6637)
  • fix(tracing): Don't finish React Router 6 pageload transactions early (#​6609)


Compare Source

  • fix(replay): Do not mangle _metadata in client options (#​6600)
  • fix(replay): Cater for event processor returning null (#​6576)


Compare Source

  • feat(nextjs): Check for Vercel Edge Function GA (#​6565)
  • feat(utils): Improved envelope parser (#​6580)
  • fix(nextjs): Export Replay from index.server.ts to avoid TS error (#​6577)
  • fix(nextjs): Pass this through wrappers (#​6572)
  • ref(types): Add undefined as possible event type (#​6584)


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