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chore(docs): update dependency myst-parser to v1 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-docs-myst-parser-1.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
myst-parser dependencies major ==0.18.1 -> ==1.0.0

Release Notes



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🎉 MyST-Parser 1.0.0 🎉

This changes absolutely nothing in the code, or about the maintenance/release policy of this project. But it does feel about time 😄


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NEW: Add myst_fence_as_directive config (gh-pr:742)

Setting the following config, for example:

extensions = ["myst_parser", "sphinxcontrib.mermaid"]
myst_fence_as_directive = ["mermaid"]


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🐛 FIX NoURI error in doc reference resolution, for texinfo builds (gh-pr:734)


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This release brings a number of exciting new features, improvements, and upgrades 🎉

Full Changelog: v0.18.1...v0.19.0

📚 Rewritten documentation

The documentation has been almost completely rewritten, with a clearer structure, many more examples, rich hover tips, and a new live preview page ️ (powered by pyscript, gh-pr:717).

The code base API is also now fully documented by sphinx-autodoc2, which even allows for MyST docstrings! (gh-pr:704).

️ Add Sphinx 6 support, drop Sphinx 4

The code base has been updated to support sphinx v6, and is no longer tested against sphinx v4 (gh-pr:664)

📄 Extended docutils (single-page) support

The docutils parser now supports many more features, and improvements to support live previews:

  • myst_suppress_warnings option added, mirroring Sphinx, to suppress MyST warnings (gh-pr:655)
  • myst_meta_html and myst_substitutions options are now supported (gh-pr:672)
  • myst_heading_anchors option is now supported (gh-pr:678)
  • Math block labels syntax is now supported (gh-pr:668)
  • Missing directive/role errors errors are now suppressable warnings (gh-pr:687)
  • Non-fatal directive parsing errors are now suppressable warnings (gh-pr:682)
  • Most of the extended markdown syntax below is also supported
🔗 Extended Markdown links

See the Extended Markdown links section for the full guide.

You can now use standard Markdown link syntax to reference many different types of targets, in a more consistent way.

  • [text](relative/path/ work as previously, to link to files, but they can also be relative to source directory: [text](/path/from/srcdir/ You can also use <>
  • <path:myfile.txt> will link specifically to a downloadable file
  • [text](#target) or <project:#target> will link (in order of priority) to any local target, local heading anchor, target in the same project, or intersphinx (inventory) target
  • [text](inv:name:domain:type#target) will link specifically to a Sphinx inventory target, or to any inventory <inv:#target>, and can even use * wildcards like <inv:*:*:*#*.target>
    • This can even be used in docutils, with the new myst_inventories config option
    • The myst-inv CLI makes it easy to find the correct inventory target

:::{tip} It is advised (although not immediately necessary) to prefix all internal references with #. For example, [...](my-reference), should be changed to [...](#my-reference). :::

{} Attributes syntax

The attrs_inline and attrs_block extensions allow for common Markdown syntaxes to be extended with greater control over the output.

For example, you can now add classes, ids, and other attributes to inline code, images, and links, as well as to code blocks and directives.

  • Inline code: `a = 1`{#id .class l=python}
  • Images: ![image](image.png){#id .class width=100px}
  • Text spans: [some text]{#id .class}

A paragraph block can have attributes too:

{#id .class}
This is a paragraph with an id and class

A code fence can be given line numbers and line emphasis:

{#id .class lineno-start=1 emphasize-lines="2,3"}
a = 1
b = 2
c = 3

A definition list can be turned into a glossary, with referenceable terms:

term name
: Definition of the term

Quote blocks can be given an attribution:

{attribution="Chris Sewell"}
> My quote
👌 Miscellaneous improvements
  • Nested headings (e.g. inside directives) are now allowed in MyST and are correctly rendered in HTML (gh-pr:711)
  • The colon_fence extension now renders internal content as MyST, rather than as a code block (gh-pr:713)
  • The include directive in MyST documents now supports a :heading-offset: option, to offset the heading levels in the included document
  • The myst_heading_slug_func option now supports setting a str which points to a fully qualified function name, e.g. "module.path.func" (gh-pr:696)
  • The myst_enable_checkboxes option allows for task list checkboxes to be enabled/disabled (gh-pr:686)
Additional contributions


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