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Resolve "Update documentation for non-root container users" NOCHANGELOG

Following discussions in #2025 (closed), we need to revert the addition of the Docker post-install steps. As a happy path, we should document the most secure way to run the containers which is as follows:

  1. The funkwhale user controls the folders mounted in the containers but not the containers themselves
  2. The root user controls the Docker daemon

Advanced users who want to be able to control their containers with a non-root user will already know how to do this or be able to follow Docker's instructions. We shouldn't recommend this as a default.

This MR also:

  • Updates the documentation to recommend the Compose plugin in line with Docker's recommendation.
  • Addresses an issue with sourcing the .env file for upgrades by running all instructions as su.

Closes #2025 (closed)

Edited by Ciarán Ainsworth

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