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chore(front): update sentry-javascript monorepo to v7.27.0 (develop)

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@sentry/tracing (source) dependencies minor 7.26.0 -> 7.27.0
@sentry/vue (source) dependencies minor 7.26.0 -> 7.27.0

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This release exports the Session Replay integration via @sentry/browser and all framework SDKs building on top of it. Going forward, the @sentry/replay package doesn't have to be installed explicitly to use Replay. Furthermore, this release increases the maximim replay session duration from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • feat(browser): Export Replay integration from Browser SDK (#​6508)
  • feat(replay): Change MAX_SESSION_LIFE to 1 hour (#​6561)
  • feat(replay): Do not capture errors originating from rrweb (#​6521)
  • feat(replay): Flush immediately on DOM checkouts (#​6463)
  • fix(core): Make beforeSend handling defensive for different event types (#​6507)
  • fix(replay): Ensure lodash.debounce does not trigger next.js warning (#​6551)
  • fix(replay): Make maskAllText selector more specific (#​6544)
  • fix(replay): Send dsn in envelope header if tunneling is active (#​6568)
  • fix(utils): Don't attach context lines to stack frames without line number (#​6549)
  • ref(replay): Send SDK's name in replay event (#​6514)

Work in this release contributed by @​theofidry. Thank you for your contribution!


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