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chore(api): update dependency drf-spectacular to v0.25.0 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-api-drf-spectacular-0.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
drf-spectacular dependencies minor ==0.24.2 -> ==0.25.0

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • Fix missing description for ManyRelatedField and tested for SlugField (#&#8203;895 <>_) [StopMotionCuber]
  • Simplify hashable_values #&#8203;833 <>_
  • Add custom settings to CLI (view parity) #&#8203;892 <>_
  • fix function misnomer #&#8203;891 <>_
  • improve trace messages / warnings & add color #&#8203;866 <>_
  • Treat SlugRelatedField analog to PrimaryKeyRelatedField #&#8203;854 <>_
  • Include filename in call to _get_sidecar_url [Justin Spencer]
  • add django-parler blueprint #&#8203;887 <>_
  • add a view to handle SwaggerUI oauth callbacks (#&#8203;882 <>_) [Finn-Thorben Sell]
  • improve documentation
  • Introduce setting DEFAULT_QUERY_MANAGER to allow other managers for querset retrieval
  • fix flake8 6.0.0 breaking change
  • fix example list detection (symmetry with schema) #&#8203;872 <>_
  • Use direct view methods for getting serializer instances [Numerlor]
  • name overrides for rest_framework_dataclasses #&#8203;839 <>_
  • decouple TypedDict class from Py version #&#8203;861 <>_ #&#8203;654 <>_
  • bugfix djangorestframework_camel_case #&#8203;861 <>_
  • bugfix djangorestframework_camel_case nested object handling #&#8203;861 <>_
  • Utils: Replace List[] with Sequence[], because of Mypy note 'List is invariant. Consider using Sequence instead.' [Hans Aarne Liblik]
  • Fixed minor typos [Conrad]
  • Removing blank and null keys when generating the overridden choices hash to match the hash generation logic in the enum post processor hook [Trent Holliday]
  • fix test fixture overlap #&#8203;826 <>_
  • specifiy min patch release for DRF (fixes #&#8203;812 <>_)
  • Preserve context in get_list_serializer. [Brady Dean]
  • Allow field extensions to return None from map_serializer_field [Andrew Backer]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Officially set the lower bound for DRF version to 3.10.3
  • Refactored the CLI warning system for better code navigation / orientation, GUI support and color!
  • Some minor mechanics changes, several overall improvements, feature additions, and a few bugfixes.


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