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chore(front): update sentry-javascript monorepo to v7.26.0 (develop)

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@sentry/tracing (source) dependencies minor 7.24.2 -> 7.26.0
@sentry/vue (source) dependencies minor 7.24.2 -> 7.26.0

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • feat(browser): Export event builder methods for use in other SDKs (#​6515)
  • feat(types): Add threads to Event (#​6516)
  • feat(nextjs): Add option to automatically tunnel events (#​6425)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix automatic release value discovery (#​6513)
  • ref(nextjs): Use generic loader to inject global values (#​6484)

Work in this release contributed by @​theofidry. Thank you for your contribution!


Compare Source

  • feat(core): Add scope.getLastBreadcrumb() (#​6495)
  • feat(replay): Allow to opt-in to capture replay exceptions (#​6482)
  • feat(tracing): Add interaction transaction as an experiment (#​6210)
  • feat(types): Add profile envelope item type (#​6468)
  • fix(replay): Replace _waitForError with recordingMode (#​6489)
  • ref(replay): Inline lodash dependency into build (#​6483)
  • build(core): Do not mangle private methods used by Replay (#​6493)


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