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chore(front): update sentry-javascript monorepo to v7.24.2 (develop)

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@sentry/tracing (source) dependencies minor 7.23.0 -> 7.24.2
@sentry/vue (source) dependencies minor 7.23.0 -> 7.24.2

Release Notes



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  • fix(replay): Add missing rrweb type declarations (#​6464)
  • fix(tracing): Check for otel before loading db module (#​6461)
  • fix(tracing): Deprecate and remove reportAllChanges option (#​6456)
  • ref(replay): Extract integration to clarify public API (#​6457)


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This patch corrects an oversight on our end which caused the Sentry Replay integration CDN bundles to be ignored when uploading bundles to our CDN. If you want to use the Replay CDN bundles, please use version 7.24.1 or newer.

  • fix(react): Add type for React Router's encodeLocation method (#​6439)
  • fix(replay): Add CDN bundle path to release artifacts (#​6452)
  • fix(tracing): Instrument cursors returned from MongoDB operations. (#​6437)
  • ref(angular): Extract zonejs error unwrapper into a dedicated function (#​6443)

Work in this release contributed by @​theofidry. Thank you for your contribution!


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This release bumps the @sentry/replay package from version 0.x to 7.24.0. Along with this version bump, we're introducing a few breaking changes. Take a look at the Replay migration guide for further information. The Replay version bump is the result of moving the package into the Sentry JavaScript SDK monorepo which aligns the version with our other JS SDK packages. Important: If you're using Replay with version 7.24.x or newer, make sure to also upgrade your other @sentry/* packages to this version.

  • feat(browser): Support dom.maxStringLength configuration (#​6311)
  • feat(nextjs): Don't init SDK on Vercel Edge Runtime (#​6408)
  • feat(nextjs): Parameterize prefix loader values (#​6377)
  • feat(nextjs): Support assetPrefix option (#​6388)
  • fix(nextjs): Inject SDK in dev mode (#​6368)
  • fix(nextjs): Use basePath for assetPrefix if needed (#​6424)
  • fix(node): Move profilesSampleRate into BaseNodeOptions (#​6409)
  • ref(nextjs): Clean up client-side integrations code (#​6382)
  • ref(nextjs): Use loader for rather than webpack plugin for injecting release (#​6404)
  • ref(remix): Do not fail silently if getClientIpAddress throws error. (#​6400)

Work in this release contributed by @​tomgrossman and @​ZachGawlik. Thank you for your contributions!


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