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chore(api): update dependency redis to v4.4.0 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
redis (changelog) dependencies minor ==4.3.5 -> ==4.4.0

Release Notes


v4.4.0: Version 4.4.0

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4.4.0rc4 release notes 4.4.0rc3 release notes 4.4.0rc2 release notes 4.4.0rc1 release notes

🚀 New Features (since 4.4.0rc4)

  • Async clusters: Support creating locks inside async functions (#​2471)

🐛 Bug Fixes (since 4.4.0rc4)

  • Async: added 'blocking' argument to call lock method (#​2454)
  • Added a replacement for the default cluster node in the event of failure. (#​2463)
  • Fixed geosearch: Wrong number of arguments for geosearch command (#​2464)

🧰 Maintenance (since 4.4.0rc4)

  • Updating dev dependencies (#​2475)
  • Removing deprecated LGTM (#​2473)
  • Added an explicit index name in RediSearch example (#​2466)
  • Adding connection step to bloom filter examples (#​2478)

Contributors (since 4.4.0rc4)

We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

@​Sibuken, @​barshaul, @​chayim, @​dvora-h, @​nermiller, @​uglide and @​utkarshgupta137


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