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chore(front): update sentry-javascript monorepo to v7.23.0 (develop)

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@sentry/tracing (source) dependencies minor 7.22.0 -> 7.23.0
@sentry/vue (source) dependencies minor 7.22.0 -> 7.23.0

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • feat(browser): Add __SENTRY_RELEASE__ magic string (#​6322)
  • fix(node): Add profilesSampleRate (#​6318)
  • fix(otel): Account for number status code (#​6345)
  • fix(otel): Add trace info to error events (#​6364)
  • fix(otel): Set root transaction name to be route (#​6334)
  • ref(core): Move sentry breadcrumb logic into integration (#​6195)
  • ref(tracing): Remove sentry_reportAllChanges tag (#​6360)

Work in this release contributed by @​zhiyan114. Thank you for your contributions!


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