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Update dependency uvicorn to v0.20.0 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-uvicorn-0.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
uvicorn (changelog) dependencies minor ==0.19.0 -> ==0.20.0

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  • Check if handshake is completed before sending frame on wsproto shutdown (#​1737)
  • Add default headers to WebSockets implementations (#​1606 & #​1747) 28/10/22
  • Warn user when reload and workers flag are used together (#​1731) 31/10/22
  • Use correct WebSocket error codes on close (#​1753) 20/11/22
  • Send disconnect event on connection lost for wsproto (#​996) 29/10/22
  • Add SIGQUIT handler to UvicornWorker (#​1710) 01/11/22
  • Fix crash on exist with "--uds" if socket doesn't exist (#​1725) 27/10/22
  • Annotate CONFIG_KWARGS in UvicornWorker class (#​1746) 31/10/22
  • Remove conditional on RemoteProtocolError.event_hint on wsproto (#​1486) 31/10/22
  • Remove unused handle_no_connect on wsproto implementation (#​1759) 17/11/22


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