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Update dependency pytest to v7.2.0 (develop)

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pytest (source, changelog) dev-dependencies minor ==7.1.3 -> ==7.2.0

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pytest 7.2.0 (2022-10-23)


  • #​10012: Update pytest.PytestUnhandledCoroutineWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} to a deprecation; it will raise an error in pytest 8.

  • #​10396: pytest no longer depends on the py library. pytest provides a vendored copy of py.error and py.path modules but will use the py library if it is installed. If you need other py.* modules, continue to install the deprecated py library separately, otherwise it can usually be removed as a dependency.

  • #​4562: Deprecate configuring hook specs/impls using attributes/marks.

    Instead use :pypytest.hookimpl{.interpreted-text role="func"} and :pypytest.hookspec{.interpreted-text role="func"}. For more details, see the docs <legacy-path-hooks-deprecated>{.interpreted-text role="ref"}.

  • #​9886: The functionality for running tests written for nose has been officially deprecated.

    This includes:

    • Plain setup and teardown functions and methods: this might catch users by surprise, as setup() and teardown() are not pytest idioms, but part of the nose support.
    • Setup/teardown using the @​with_setup decorator.

    For more details, consult the deprecation docs <nose-deprecation>{.interpreted-text role="ref"}.


  • #​9897: Added shell-style wildcard support to testpaths.


  • #​10218: @pytest.mark.parametrize() (and similar functions) now accepts any Sequence[str] for the argument names, instead of just list[str] and tuple[str, ...].

    (Note that str, which is itself a Sequence[str], is still treated as a comma-delimited name list, as before).

  • #​10381: The --no-showlocals flag has been added. This can be passed directly to tests to override --showlocals declared through addopts.

  • #​3426: Assertion failures with strings in NFC and NFD forms that normalize to the same string now have a dedicated error message detailing the issue, and their utf-8 representation is expresed instead.

  • #​7337: A warning is now emitted if a test function returns something other than [None]{.title-ref}. This prevents a common mistake among beginners that expect that returning a [bool]{.title-ref} (for example [return foo(a, b) == result]{.title-ref}) would cause a test to pass or fail, instead of using [assert]{.title-ref}.

  • #​8508: Introduce multiline display for warning matching via :pypytest.warns{.interpreted-text role="func"} and enhance match comparison for :py_pytest._code.ExceptionInfo.match{.interpreted-text role="func"} as returned by :pypytest.raises{.interpreted-text role="func"}.

  • #​8646: Improve :pypytest.raises{.interpreted-text role="func"}. Previously passing an empty tuple would give a confusing error. We now raise immediately with a more helpful message.

  • #​9741: On Python 3.11, use the standard library's tomllib{.interpreted-text role="mod"} to parse TOML.

    tomli{.interpreted-text role="mod"}` is no longer a dependency on Python 3.11.

  • #​9742: Display assertion message without escaped newline characters with -vv.

  • #​9823: Improved error message that is shown when no collector is found for a given file.

  • #​9873: Some coloring has been added to the short test summary.

  • #​9883: Normalize the help description of all command-line options.

  • #​9920: Display full crash messages in short test summary info, when runng in a CI environment.

  • #​9987: Added support for hidden configuration file by allowing .pytest.ini as an alternative to pytest.ini.

Bug Fixes

  • #​10150: sys.stdin{.interpreted-text role="data"} now contains all expected methods of a file-like object when capture is enabled.

  • #​10382: Do not break into pdb when raise unittest.SkipTest() appears top-level in a file.

  • #​7792: Marks are now inherited according to the full MRO in test classes. Previously, if a test class inherited from two or more classes, only marks from the first super-class would apply.

    When inheriting marks from super-classes, marks from the sub-classes are now ordered before marks from the super-classes, in MRO order. Previously it was the reverse.

    When inheriting marks from super-classes, the [pytestmark]{.title-ref} attribute of the sub-class now only contains the marks directly applied to it. Previously, it also contained marks from its super-classes. Please note that this attribute should not normally be accessed directly; use pytest.Node.iter_markers{.interpreted-text role="func"} instead.

  • #​9159: Showing inner exceptions by forcing native display in ExceptionGroups even when using display options other than --tb=native. A temporary step before full implementation of pytest-native display for inner exceptions in ExceptionGroups.

  • #​9877: Ensure caplog.get_records(when) returns current/correct data after invoking caplog.clear().

Improved Documentation

  • #​10344: Update information on writing plugins to use pyproject.toml instead of
  • #​9248: The documentation is now built using Sphinx 5.x (up from 3.x previously).
  • #​9291: Update documentation on how pytest.warns{.interpreted-text role="func"} affects DeprecationWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"}.

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • #​10196: ~pytest.PytestReturnNotNoneWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} is now a subclass of ~pytest.PytestRemovedIn8Warning{.interpreted-text role="class"}: the plan is to make returning non-None from tests an error in the future.
  • #​10313: Made _pytest.doctest.DoctestItem export pytest.DoctestItem for type check and runtime purposes. Made [_pytest.doctest]{.title-ref} use internal APIs to avoid circular imports.
  • #​9906: Made _pytest.compat re-export importlib_metadata in the eyes of type checkers.
  • #​9910: Fix default encoding warning (EncodingWarning) in cacheprovider
  • #​9984: Improve the error message when we attempt to access a fixture that has been torn down. Add an additional sentence to the docstring explaining when it's not a good idea to call getfixturevalue.


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