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Update dependency boto3 to v1.25.4 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-boto3-1.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
boto3 dependencies minor ==1.24.96 -> ==1.25.4

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  • api-change:apprunner: [botocore] AWS App Runner adds .NET 6, Go 1, PHP 8.1 and Ruby 3.1 runtimes.
  • api-change:appstream: [botocore] This release includes CertificateBasedAuthProperties in CreateDirectoryConfig and UpdateDirectoryConfig.
  • api-change:cloud9: [botocore] Update to the documentation section of the Cloud9 API Reference guide.
  • api-change:cloudformation: [botocore] This release adds more fields to improves visibility of AWS CloudFormation StackSets information in following APIs: ListStackInstances, DescribeStackInstance, ListStackSetOperationResults, ListStackSetOperations, DescribeStackSetOperation.
  • api-change:gamesparks: [botocore] Add LATEST as a possible GameSDK Version on snapshot
  • api-change:mediatailor: [botocore] This release introduces support for SCTE-35 segmentation descriptor messages which can be sent within time signal messages.


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  • api-change:ec2: [botocore] Feature supports the replacement of instance root volume using an updated AMI without requiring customers to stop their instance.
  • api-change:fms: [botocore] Add support NetworkFirewall Managed Rule Group Override flag in GetViolationDetails API
  • api-change:glue: [botocore] Added support for custom datatypes when using custom csv classifier.
  • api-change:redshift: [botocore] This release clarifies use for the ElasticIp parameter of the CreateCluster and RestoreFromClusterSnapshot APIs.
  • api-change:sagemaker: [botocore] This change allows customers to provide a custom entrypoint script for the docker container to be run while executing training jobs, and provide custom arguments to the entrypoint script.
  • api-change:wafv2: [botocore] This release adds the following: Challenge rule action, to silently verify client browsers; rule group rule action override to any valid rule action, not just Count; token sharing between protected applications for challenge/CAPTCHA token; targeted rules option for Bot Control managed rule group.


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  • api-change:iam: [botocore] Doc only update that corrects instances of CLI not using an entity.
  • api-change:kafka: [botocore] This release adds support for Tiered Storage. UpdateStorage allows you to control the Storage Mode for supported storage tiers.
  • api-change:neptune: [botocore] Added a new cluster-level attribute to set the capacity range for Neptune Serverless instances.
  • api-change:sagemaker: [botocore] Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning now supports specifying Grid Search strategy for tuning jobs, which evaluates all hyperparameter combinations exhaustively based on the categorical hyperparameters provided.


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  • api-change:accessanalyzer: [botocore] This release adds support for six new resource types in IAM Access Analyzer to help you easily identify public and cross-account access to your AWS resources. Updated service API, documentation, and paginators.
  • api-change:location: [botocore] Added new map styles with satellite imagery for map resources using HERE as a data provider.
  • api-change:mediatailor: [botocore] This release is a documentation update
  • api-change:rds: [botocore] Relational Database Service - This release adds support for exporting DB cluster data to Amazon S3.
  • api-change:workspaces: [botocore] This release adds new enums for supporting Workspaces Core features, including creating Manual running mode workspaces, importing regular Workspaces Core images and importing g4dn Workspaces Core images.


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  • feature:Endpoints: [botocore] Implemented new endpoint ruleset system to dynamically derive endpoints and settings for services
  • api-change:acm-pca: [botocore] AWS Private Certificate Authority (AWS Private CA) now offers usage modes which are combination of features to address specific use cases.
  • api-change:batch: [botocore] This release adds support for AWS Batch on Amazon EKS.
  • api-change:datasync: [botocore] Added support for self-signed certificates when using object storage locations; added BytesCompressed to the TaskExecution response.
  • api-change:sagemaker: [botocore] SageMaker Inference Recommender now supports a new API ListInferenceRecommendationJobSteps to return the details of all the benchmark we create for an inference recommendation job.


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