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Update dependency black to v22.10.0 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-black-22.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
black (changelog) dev-dependencies minor ==22.8.0 -> ==22.10.0

Release Notes



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  • Runtime support for Python 3.6 has been removed. Formatting 3.6 code will still be supported until further notice.
Stable style
  • Fix a crash when # fmt: on is used on a different block level than # fmt: off (#​3281)
Preview style
  • Fix a crash when formatting some dicts with parenthesis-wrapped long string keys (#​3262)
  • .ipynb_checkpoints directories are now excluded by default (#​3293)
  • Add --skip-source-first-line / -x option to ignore the first line of source code while formatting (#​3299)
  • Executables made with PyInstaller will no longer crash when formatting several files at once on macOS. Native x86-64 executables for macOS are available once again. (#​3275)
  • Hatchling is now used as the build backend. This will not have any effect for users who install Black with its wheels from PyPI. (#​3233)
  • Faster compiled wheels are now available for CPython 3.11 (#​3276)
  • Windows style (CRLF) newlines will be preserved (#​3257).
  • Vim plugin: add flag (g:black_preview) to enable/disable the preview style (#​3246)
  • Update GitHub Action to support formatting of Jupyter Notebook files via a jupyter option (#​3282)
  • Update GitHub Action to support use of version specifiers (e.g. <23) for Black version (#​3265)


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