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Update Sentry to v7.17.2 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@sentry/tracing (source) dependencies minor 7.12.1 -> 7.17.2
@sentry/vue (source) dependencies minor 7.12.1 -> 7.17.2

Release Notes



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  • fix(tracing): Fix tracingOrigins not applying (#​6079)


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This release standardizes our SDKs to use the MIT License, which is our standard license for Sentry SDKs. We were previously using the BSD 3-Clause License in @sentry/browser,@sentry/core, @sentry/gatsby, @sentry/hub, @sentry/integrations, @sentry/node, @sentry/react, @sentry/types, @sentry/typescript, and @sentry/utils.

This release also updates the behaviour of tracingOrigins to no longer affect span creation. tracingOrigins will only affect if sentry-trace and baggage headers are attached to outgoing requests. To control span creation, use the shouldCreateSpanForRequest option.

  • chore: Standardize SDKs on MIT License (#​5993)
  • feat(nextjs): Add Next 13 to peer dependencies and integration tests (#​6042)
  • feat(remix): Enable RequestData integration for server-side requests (#​6007)
  • feat(tracing): Update to Web Vitals v3 (#​5987)
  • feat(tracing): Allow for spanId to be passed into startChild (#​6028)
  • fix(browser): Handle case where fetch can be undefined (#​5973)
  • fix(build): Prevent Rollup from adding [Symbol.toStringTag]: 'Module' to CJS files (#​6043)
  • fix(nextjs): Match loader files exactly (#​6013)
  • fix(react): Update types to match react router 6.4 updates (#​5992)
  • fix(tracing): Align missing express span operation names (#​6036)
  • fix(tracing): Don't consider tracingOrigins when creating spans (#​6039)
  • fix(utils): Remove WINDOW from utils (#​6024)
  • fix(vue): Fix vue3 render warning loop (#​6014)
  • fix(vue): Don't overwrite custom transaction names of pageload transactions (#​6060)
  • ref(node): Make RequestData integration default (#​5980)
  • ref(node): Use RequestData integration in express handlers (#​5990)
  • ref(serverless): Use RequestData integration in GCP wrapper (#​5991)

Work in this release contributed by @​philipatkinson, @​Rockergmail, @​ys-zhifu, and @​koenpunt. Thank you for your contributions!

Special shoutout to @​Tofandel who helped fix a bug in Jest that was affecting the Sentry JavaScript SDKs!


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Please do not use this version - the release is broken. Upgrade to 7.17.1 instead.


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This release adds the withSentryConfig feature to the Svelte SDK. It replaces the now deprecated Svelte componentTrackingPreprocessor which will be removed in the next major release.

  • feat(node): Export Span type from @sentry/types (#​5982)
  • feat(svelte): Add withSentryConfig function to wrap User Svelte Configuration (#​5936)
  • fix(nextjs): Correctly apply auto-instrumentation to pages in src folder (#​5984)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix typing issue with withSentryConfig and NextConfig (#​5967)
  • fix(react): Support root and wildcard routes in react router v6 (#​5971)
  • fix(remix): Add yargs dependency for uploading sourcemaps (#​5926)
  • fix(svelte): Track components without script tags (#​5957)
  • fix(utils): Rename global.ts -> worldwide.ts (#​5969)
  • fix(vue): Start pageload transaction earlier to capture missing spans (#​5983)
  • ref(build): Remove constToVarPlugin (#​5970)
  • ref(nextjs): Don't assert existance of pageProps in _app (#​5945)
  • ref(utils): Deprecate getGlobalObject as it's no longer used (#​5949)

Work in this release contributed by @​jeengbe. Thank you for your contribution!


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This release deprecates @sentry/hub and all of it's exports. All of the @sentry/hub exports have moved to @sentry/core. @sentry/hub will be removed in the next major release.

  • feat(ember): Add ember-engine-router support (#​5905)
  • feat(nextjs): Enable autoInstrumentServerFunctions per default (#​5919)
  • feat(tracing): Make BrowserTracing heartbeat interval configurable (#​5867)
  • fix(node): Remove Cookie header from requestdata.headers if cookies should not be sent to Sentry (#​5898)
  • fix(remix): Rework dynamic imports of react-router-dom (#​5897)
  • fix(utils): Accept DSN URLs with empty password (#​5902)
  • fix(vue): Finish spans in component tracking before starting new ones for same operation (#​5918)
  • ref(hub): Move @sentry/hub code to @sentry/core (#​5823)

Work in this release contributed by @​outsideris and @​JonasKruckenberg. Thank you for your contributions!


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  • fix(ember): Align span operations to new operations (#​5883)
  • fix(nextjs): Consider pageExtensions option in auto instrumentation (#​5881)
  • fix(remix): Align span operations to new operations (#​5889)
  • fix(serverless): Align span operations to new operations (#​5890)
  • fix(tracing): Align span operations to new operations (#​5891)
  • fix(vue): Align span operations to new operations (#​5892)
  • ref(hub): Remove hard cap from maxBreadcrumbs (#​5873)
  • ref(nextjs): Make build-phase check more robust (#​5857)

Work in this release contributed by @​outsideris. Thank you for your contributions!


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  • fix(nextjs): Handle CJS API route exports (#​5865)
  • fix(node): Only set DeviceContext.boot_time if os.uptime() is valid (#​5859)
  • fix(tracing): Warn if resolvers is not defined in ApolloServer config (#​5850)
  • fix(utils): Normalize when serializing envelope (#​5851)
  • ref(react): Improve React Router v6 error message (#​5853)


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  • feat(nextjs): Add status to data-fetcher spans (#​5777)
  • feat(nextjs): Auto-wrap API routes (#​5778)
  • feat(nextjs): Promote option to automatically wrap data fetchers and API routes to non-experimental (#​5793)
  • feat(utils): Modern implementation of getGlobalObject (#​5809)
  • fix(gatsby): Include app-* entrypoints as they may include user source code (#​5685)
  • fix(nextjs): Handle pathname being passed in object in instrumentServer (#​5782)
  • fix(nextjs): Pass request in sampling context of data fetchers wrapper transaction (#​5784)
  • fix(nextjs): Reverse order of checks for instrumenting server (#​5828)
  • fix(nextjs): Rename ops (#​5830)
  • fix(remix): Do not skip error handling if tracing is not enabled. (#​5811)
  • fix(remix): Use import() to get react-router-dom in Express wrapper. (#​5810)
  • fix(tracing): Remove connection.downlink measurement (#​5794)
  • ref(browser): Use configured transport as fallback for client reports (#​5797)
  • ref(nextjs): Use flush code from withSentry in all backend wrappers (#​5814)
  • ref(nextjs): Use integration to add request data to transaction events (#​5703)
  • ref(nextjs): UseRequestData integration for errors (#​5729)
  • ref(node): Move request data functions back to @sentry/node (#​5759)
  • ref(tracing): Don't track transaction sampling method (#​5775)
  • ref(types): Use intersections instead of extend in envelope types (#​5788)

Work in this release contributed by @​Auspicus and @​dagroe. Thank you for your contributions!


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  • feat(browser): Use fetch keepalive flag (#​5697)
  • feat(core): Set custom transaction source for event processors (#​5722)
  • feat(nextjs): Trace navigation transactions (#​5676)
  • feat(node): Add Modules integration to default integrations (#​5706)
  • fix(browser): Use normalizeDepth option when creating an event from a plain object
  • fix(core): Fix integration deduping (#​5696)
  • fix(node): Use normalizeDepth when creating an event from unknown input
  • fix(nextjs): Make NextApiHandler type version-agnostic (#​5737)
  • fix(tracing): Set sample rate in transaction metadata and DSC (#​5691)
  • ref: Make dynamic sampling context mutable (#​5710)
  • ref(tracing): Record transaction name changes (#​5723)
  • chore(nextjs): Remove obsolete dataFetchers loader (#​5713)


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