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Update Vue to v3.2.40 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-vue into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@vue/runtime-core (source) dependencies patch 3.2.38 -> 3.2.40
vue (source) dependencies patch 3.2.38 -> 3.2.40

Release Notes



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Bug Fixes
  • compat: list cjs dependencies for compat build (96cd924), closes #​6602
  • compiler-dom: remove v-bind boolean attribute with literal false value when stringifying (#​6635) (6c6fe2c), closes #​6617
  • compiler-sfc: fix expression check for v-on with object literal value (#​6652) (6958ec1), closes #​6650 #​6674
  • compilre-core: dynamic v-on and static v-on should be merged (#​6747) (f9d43b9), closes #​6742
  • runtime-core: avoid hoisted vnodes retaining detached DOM nodes (fc5bdb3), closes #​6591
  • runtime-core: Lifecycle hooks should support callbacks shared by reference (#​6687) (c71a08e), closes #​6686
  • runtime-core: remove prod-only hoisted clone behavior for manual DOM manipulation compat (aa70188), closes #​6727 #​6739
  • runtime-core: unset removed props first in full diff mode (c0d8db8), closes #​6571
  • runtime-dom: fix unnecessary warning when setting coerced dom property value (b1817fe), closes #​6616
  • ssr: avoid ast.helpers duplication (#​6664) (57ffc3e)
  • ssr: fix dynamic slot regression in ssr (8963c55), closes #​6651
  • ssr: fix hydration mismatch when entire multi-root template is stringified (9698dd3), closes #​6637
  • ssr: fix pre tag windows newline hydration mismatch (0382019), closes #​6410
  • ssr: respect case when rendering dynamic attrs on svg (121eb32), closes #​6755


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Bug Fixes


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